Thursday, February 25, 2010

Install Mac OS X Snow Leopard on Asus EeePC 1005HA / 1008HA

What’s working?
  • 100% working OS X retail/vanilla netbook
  • CPU with Hyperthreading
  • Sleep (closing lid, return with any key, sadly not by only opening lid)
  • Powerbutton
  • Sound (internal speakers and output)
  • Microphone (internal mic and input)
  • Graphics with QE/CI and even VGA out
  • Screen brightness (Fn+F5/F6)
  • Camera (Photo Booth and Skype...)
  • Batteryindicator fully working
  • Automatic sleep
  • WiFi (exchange the original with a Dell 1510 or any other halfsize PCI you know works)
  • Ethernet

Warning: Do not upgrade to 10.6.2, stay at 10.6.0 (10.6.1 works but you have to reinstall a few kexts). 10.6.2 ends support for Atom processors!

As this guide is written for a 1005HA with the 4400mAh battery there might be some compitablity issues for some. The batteryindicator might not work as expected. Other than that, everything should be fine!
Just follow my lead and let’s begin!

What you need:
  • The 1005HA Snow Leopard Kit (download here)
  • Retail Snow Leopard DVD
  • 1005HA, 1008HA or similar Eee PC (guide made with a 1005HA)
  • USB Drive, either harddrive or memory, min. 8gb
  • Another computer running OS X
  • A USB-mouse and keyboard

Create the USB Installer:
  • Mount your retail Snow Leopard DVD

  • Launch Disk Utility and select your USB drive (USB memory or USB harddrive)
  • Select the Parition tab and choose GPT (Guid Partition Table) under Options.
  • Use Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as format.

  •  When finished, go to Restore tab and select your Snow Leopard DVD as Source and your USB drive as Destination.

  • Launch myHack installer and select your USB drive as destination
  • Under customize, check the following (uncheck the ones that aren’t listed)
  • Press Install

    • Navigate to the USB drive and go to Extra/Extensions.
    • Copy all the kext’s I provided to this folder, located inside the folder Kexts in the kit.
    • Copy dst.aml to /Extra folder, replace the with the one i provided.

    • Plug in your USB mouse and keyboard.
    • Hook up your USB drive to the 1005HA/1008HA and turn on the computer.
    • Press Esc and select the USB drive.
    • Chameleon will now show up, just choose your USB drive and press enter (if encountering problems, boot with ”-v” without the quotation marks and write in comments where you get stuck)
    • If all goes well you will be greeted with the language selection.
    • Open Utilities/Disk Utility and select you internal drive, partition it (1 partition, Mac OS Extended (Journaled), GPT, GUID Partition Table)
    • Close Disk Utility and select the internal drive
    • Click on Customize, select if you want printer support or not, additional languages and check Rosetta.
    • Press Ok, and Install

    First boot:
    • Press Esc and select the USB drive to boot.
    • Press any button when you see Chameleon to abort the autoboot.
    • Now select your internal drive and press enter and let it boot.
    • If all is well the “Before you begin...” should show up. Follow the guide!
    • When it’s completed, you should see your desktop. 
    • There are only a few steps left. DON’T reboot until I say so!
    • Navigate to the USB drive and open myHack installer. Do exactly as you did before, except select the internal drive as destination.
    • Now transfer all the files to Extra located in the Extra-folder in the kit.
    • Transfer the kexts from the kit “/System/Library/Extensions” to the same folder on the internal drive.
    • Double-click the VoodooHDA.prefPane inside the kit (/Sound). And install for all users.
    • Run pfix, select you internal drive.
    • Now shut down your computer, and unplug the USB drive.

    Second boot:
    • Power on the computer and let it boot.
    • Everything should now be working!

    • DSDT patching: This might cause some trouble for you guys, i included my DSDT patch, but they are kind of personal and only works as they should if it's exactly the same hardware, hopefully we all have the same. If not, you should try to make your own. Here's a .zip containing the necessary files. Use DSDT patcher to make your dsdt.dsl and drop it inside iASLMe to make the dsdt.aml that you drop in /Extra. I included my dsdt.dsl file for you to compare with, some fixes are made and you have to copy them to your DSDT. If you don't understand what to do, use Google!
    • In the System Preferences, there is a PreferencePane named VoodooHDA, you can customize your sound/microphone and such here.
    • Open the SMBIOS.plist (/Extra) with a textedit if you want to edit the hardware.

    Enjoy, and please donate if you like it, thanks!


    1. Awesome, looking forward to trying this out soon.

      What exactly do you mean by "ethernet doesn't work 100% but it works?"

    2. hey, thanks for the guide!
      I just cant wait to hv snow leopard running on my newly bought 1005HA...but i have the following questions, hope you can help me out

      1/ ideneb doesnt need??

      2/and what's the other computer with osx running works in the procedure?

      3/And what if I dont have aonther thing running osx??

      thanks a lot!

    3. I was tired when i wrote about Ethernet, it does work 100% I thought about an old version that i made by modifying another kext. It will work just fine :D

      1. No need for iDeneb, generally distro's suck, so be glad you don't need it. Installing a retail version of OS X is much better, less trouble.

      2. You need to have another OS X computer, or just use a friends computer. The reason is you have to make a "custom" install disk. Just follow the guide. There are ways around this, but it's much more trouble, and I really don't support them.

      3. Install Leopard with iDeneb first then, and make a new install disk following this guide. Or use a friends!

    4. I installed Snow Leopard to my eee pc 1005ha-m...after following all steps of installation i have no working sound and no working trackpad...can you help me? did i make any mistake?

    5. Andre, are you sure you installed VoodooHDA and VoodooPS2 to /System/Library/Extensions (don't forget to run pfix after each kext-install). If you have done this, open Terminal and write "kextstat" without "". See if you find VoodooHDA and VoodooPS2.

      Tell me what happens, hope it helps!

    6. Many thanks for this article. First attempt I made a mistake, started again and all went great. More surprised that after installing VM Fusion it runs a virtual XP machine at an acceptable speed for the rare PC program.

      Lightweight Mac, lovely.


    7. I messed up my first attempt at this installation and not my computer is kinda messed up. If I restart the comp and allow it to boot, it just freezes as soon as i get to my desktop (Mac). If I pop the usb drve back in and boot from it to try to redo the install it says "You need to restart your computer.... etc...". How can I redo the install? I've tried booting DBAN from a usb to just wipe the hard drive completely and start over, but the myHACK just ignores it basically and wont let DBAN boot.

      Any help would be apprechiated. Can contact me at as well if you would prefer to help me that way.


    8. Thank you for the 99% clear directions and comments. I have Snow Leopard running on my 1005HA !!!

      Do I understand that the built-in WiFi will not work but that an add-on adapter will?

    9. Jim Hill, glad you like it, put a lot of effort into this :) Built in will not work, sadly :( But if you want you can open up your computer and exchange it for a Dell 1510 wifi card, or you could just buy a USB-wifi dongle that's got OS X support.

      Roy, great! It runs very smooth, OS X is a lovely OS for netbooks!

      Jeordy, when you boot, press Esc and you will be able to select what to boot from, and you can boot from your USB drive, and do it all over again, if you don't press Esc the Chameleon you installed will run, and if you messed up your installation this will happen (the "You need to restart your computer" is kernel panic, boot with -v to see what's wrong) i guess you did not install all kext as i told you. And remember to run pfix or else this will happen, a kext is not installed by just putting it in the folder (it needs the right permission).

    10. After a second try all went gret and all is working...for the wifi-problem i suggested buying a wifi-stick running os x and it works fine... thanks a lot for this help

    11. Yeah that is what i messed up on. I did't put all the files necessary onto my usb stick in the first place. So when I moved the kexts I didn't have pfix to run it. When I unplugged my usb, it would no longer recognize any usb that I plugged back in. When I hit esc and select my usb drive and then just take my hands off and let it boot, it does the same thing (You need to restart your computer). And if I hit a key to bring up the options, then select my usb drive again it does the same thing. I'll try redoing my usb stick again and seeing if anything changes.

    12. Got mine working. Thanks man. I've only got a fre issues. 1. The only resolution available is 800x600, so some of the screen is missing and everything is too big. Any way to add more / change the resolution?
      2. With the VoodooHDA I get an error when trying to install it : Can't get registry-entry path
      no idea what is causing this.

      Help with those 2 things would be much appreciated.

      Thank you

    13. Andre, yes that's the easiest way, but if you don't want a dongle I suggest you buy a new internal wifi card (Dell 1510). By the way, i'll try to ask some dealers for a discount for us, if i succeed i'll post it here :)

      Jeordy, glad you got it working. About the resolution issue i'm sure you have done something wrong. Have you put AppleIntelGMA950.kext and AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext in /System/Library/Extensions ? And run pfix after that?
      If so, run Terminal and write "kextstat" without "" and search for these two kexts (CMD+F). If they are not loaded, they haven't been installed correctly. Check the same thing for VoodooHDA.kext (it should be in the same folder). Don't know what you mean with "Can't get registry-entry path".
      Another thing, you have a 1005HA or 1008HA right?

    14. JoQ and other readers,

      I began using a Hackintosh since November 2009. Sadly, I did not use your guide... But I did like your kext compilation, it's certainly the most complete I've ever seen. However, there are a number of gaps I felt inclined to patch about your blog that other users may find useful.

      Firstly, myHack is not the only Hackintosh patcher out there. I have to confess, prefer using Meklort's NetBook Installer [NBI 0.8.3] for the following reasons:

      - Patching of 10.6.2 kernel, meaning you can use 10.6.2
      - Regular updates & active user discussion
      - Easy installation
      - Developer release of 10.6.3 confirmed to work with current release NBI 0.8.3
      - A flawless & mac-like bootloader, and I do mean flawless.
      - Bluetooth is supported

      Meklort's method is however not with out its flaws for following reasons:
      - It is a really general Netbook Hackintosh patcher, and does not provide specific kexts for 1005ha
      - Requires numerous tweaking after installation (i.e. add and remove kexts).

      For me, being able to use 10.6.2 and subsequent updates of OSX is a key factor in using this method. However, It does require you to be familiar with Hackintosh Nomenclature (i.e. kext, bootloader, BIOS). So if you are reading this, and you are a beginner, follow the above guide word for word or my first recommended link below.

      Otherwise I recommend the the combination of the following guides that use Meklort's NBI 0.8.3:

      - Simple guide to installing 0.8.3 read this: [link] [link]

      - For additional fixes read JoQ's guide: especially section on ethernet kext & generating dsdt.aml

      - For instruction to replace wifi card with Dell 1510 read this: [link] [link]

      - Further instructions on upgrading to 10.6.2, check this out:

      I know this is a long post, but I hope this will patch some of the gaps I found when reading your awesome guide, JoQ. I would write a guide myself, but sadly, I'm no blogger, just a user.

      P.S. There is an Issue i have yet to completely solve concerning forced shutdown in 1005ha with NBI 0.8.3, read my NBI post for details if you found this problem too. [link] [link]

    15. Kenny Wu, i'm aware of NBI, and the reason why i did not write about it, is i want to keep it as simple as possible. I know you won't be able to use future updates without patching the kernel, this could be done without NBI though. But being able to update will cause alot of more trouble for the beginner users. As it is not, 10.6.2 does not bring that amount of features that it's necessary to update.

      I really appreciate your post, and for the future I will update. But patched kernel is not ultimate either. As you say, this would be for more experienced users, if i write a guide i think everyone can enjoy it tho :)

      I'm glad you like my collection of kexts, took me many days to complete the perfect compilation. I think I was the first to install on a 1005HA so it was hard to get support when testing. I did not write a guide about this until now, sadly I've been too busy, but i've had Snow running since weeks after release.

    16. hi i got 3 questions.

      1. can i still install the mac without formatting my windows 7 ultimate?

      2. with the wifi, if its dual boot with windows 7 ultimate will the wifi works if i boot to windows 7 and if iam on the OS X the wifi wont worK? or THE wifi simply dont work on boot OS?

      3. same as the first question, is there any way to use this guide without using another mac computer? i simply have no relative nor friends using MAC all are in windows computer.

      4. will all the programs on MAC like garage band, their movie editors and all those mac users love in the mac be working on this build?

      thanks this thing will be beneficial to me if i could do this to my 1005ha ,,

      be nice if i get respond from u thank u again!!!

      oh a youtube video tutorial will be great!!!!

    17. oops made it four..hahaha thanks again!

    18. francis,
      1. No, not if you want to install to the internal drive, or if you already have two partition, one that you don't use. Dualbooting with windows is a little more trouble, just fyi.

      2. If you dualboot, Wifi will work in Windows 7 yes, but not in OS X if you don't exchange the wifi-card.

      3. There are a few ways to do that, but it would be a completely different method than the one i'm explaining, and I would have to redo most of the guide, and simply this is the best way.

      4. They will work! But some might have trouble with the low resolution netbooks have. OS X isn't designed to go below 1024x768 and our netbooks a 1024x600 which can cause trouble in some applications.

      A youtube tutorial is alot more messy than reading this guide, i've wrote everything in such detail that everyone should be able to do it, and if you don't understand, I guess you're not suited for installing OS X ;) It's not like install Windows.

    19. JoQ, great work with the Guide, it was a quick one to install with your installer. In future would like to see the support upgrade in it and it would be best thing to have :)

      Everything works perfectly. But I had one small issue. I need the VGA support and it did work in dual view format, but when I clicked the 'mirror display', the screen became blank with random colored lines. When I removed the monitor, netbook was fine. Try to dig a lot on how to remove the 'mirror display' but couldnt find anything. As a final resort I am reinstalling the OSX.
      Let me know if its a known bug, and if there is any solution to it.
      Thx and keep up the great work.

    20. This comment has been removed by the author.

    21. This comment has been removed by the author.

    22. Avi,

      The GMA kext cannot mirror your dispaly to an external monitor, but it does do a good job of extending you desktop.

      Some users however find that once they plug-in their monitor, their screen goes haywire. You can DL a free App called MirrorDisplay to turn mirroring off by launching it through spotlight.
      [link] [link]

      Otherwise, you can look into downgrading you GMA kext to an older version (google it). But the older kext is buggy too.

      *kext means Kernel Extension - think of them as drivers...

    23. Avi, will write something about upgrading later on, havn't tried it myself yet. As it is now 10.6.2 is the only update you can't install and that one is'nt really necessary.

      I'm sorry I did not write that in the guide. Mirroring does not work, it's a known issue with GMA950 in OS X. For know use extend desktop and drop the menubar on the screen you want as main-display. I will notify you if there is and update that fix this.

    24. I did twice completely what stands here on a band new EEEPC 1005HA with a complete Snow DVD and a Iomega 500GO outside drive via USB.
      And twice 10mn before end installing the process stalled and told me that the installation of Leopard has failed !!
      What to do ??

    25. Hi there, thank you for a wonderful tutorial with great support it seems. I followed this guide after using the leopard guide previously and both worked a charm. great to have snow running!!!

      I have one issue I'm looking for help with, I am trying to get the ethernet to show as en0 with IObuiltin showing as 'true' in networkinterfaces.plist as some of my korg plugins look to the inbuilt ethernet to produce a unlock code query number. I have had limited succes with getting it to en0, but cant seem to get the IObuiltin to show 'true'.
      Any suggestions?

    26. This guide looks very promising. I've actually successfully gotten 10.6 running on me 1005PE using a couple other methods and Empire EFI without issue. Unfortunately, I have yet to see one that promises ethernet, audio, etc! I'm going to give this a shot soon and let you know if it's successful on the 1005PE. So far I have yet to get audio or ethernet working, as well as the GMA drivers. So this will be a fun challenge.

    27. So after finally getting the install disk restored onto an external drive, I was able to boot to it without issue. Unfortunately, when I launch disk utility, it only recognizes the external drive as a volume! I tried even booting from a disk running Empire EFI to see if booting from the disk firmware vs the firmware on the external drive would make a difference, but no go. I'm gonna keep looking into this tomorrow, but I've probably spent 8 hours today, and I have work in another 3!

    28. I should also mention that all my drives are recognized fine when I get to the myHack boot menu, including Mac OS X and Windows 7, just not in the OSX installer. I've also noticed the 10.6 installer takes a long time to load at several stages. Would I be able to complete the install without modifying the install disk files on the external drive (adding extensions and such)? I'm wondering if the modifications are causing issues.

    29. smi1ey, format you internal drive to FAT32 and see if that helps. Then launch Disk util and format it again if it shows up.
      Weird that it does not show up tho, it should. You could try without the DSDT patch. That one is kinda personal, you might need to make your own when you get it up and running. I don't know the big difference between 1005HA and 1005PE. So there might be some kexts causing issues. But I don't think this would happen.

    30. Hi there, thank you for this guide. Everything is working on my 1005 except for ethernet. I don't know whats wrong, i can assign the ip adress and so on.. sometimes en0 is green, but I can't ping the router for example. Hope you can help me out.

    31. Rudi, check this thread to see if you find anything:

      I'm not the author of the kexts, just collected them and modified what I had to, to make it work for us.
      Hope you can find your answer :) Otherwise ask!

    32. Thanks JoQ. I think I'll just try a standard install from the retail disc without running myHack first. (I've successfully installed it multiple times this way.) Then I'll run myHack and install the kexts and such. I actually didn't do anything with the DSDT yet because I wanted to make sure other things were working first. I'll let you know what happens.

    33. So I have everything installed (except for the DSDT, because that caused the OS not to boot). For whatever reason, my keyboard no longer works, even though it did before installing myHack and the kexts... very odd. I have a big install guide written up for when I figure this out. It uses Empire EFI, myHack, and you wonderful little kit. The audio and mic works great, btw! :D I'll just throw the guide up on here when I'm done.

    34. SUCCESS! Everything works except the following:

      - Wifi (unless you install a Dell mini card)
      - Full graphics driver (800x600 only)
      - Sleep (apparently it's supposed to, so if someone knows why it's not working, let me know!)

      Ethernet is detected, but I can't get it to automatically assign an IP yet, so I'm working on that. Sound works, built in outputs/inputs work, trackpad, keyboard... it's wonderful!


      Snow Leopard on Eee PC 1005PE
      *External optical drive required for my steps*

      - 1005HA Snow Leopard Kit (by JoQ!)

      - myHack (latest version)

      - Kext Helper b7 (easy kext installs without extra work)

      - From Windows, make sure you have run the ASUS update software to install the BIOS firmware update. Without this, you won't be able to boot to the BIOS to set the boot order to the optical drive!
      - When that is done, restart and press F2 to launch the BIOS. Be sure the external optical drive is at the top of the boot order list.

      1. In Windows on the netbook, download and burn the Empire EFI ISO to a CD. (Windows 7 lets you right click and automatically burn the ISO!)
      2. Restart the netbook with the CD in the drive.
      3. At the Empire EFI start up manager, eject the EFI CD and insert the Snow Leopard retail disc
      4. Wait about a minute and pres F5... you will see a hard drive icon, then press F5 again to see the OS X Install DVD icon
      5. Boot to install DVD
      6. After installer launches, run disk utility and partition your drive as GUID (Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) format)
      7. Install Snow Leopard. I recommend doing a custom install to disable what you don't need.
      8. At restart after the install, you will need to eject the Snow Leopard CD, reinsert the Empire EFI firmware CD, then reboot your netbook.
      9. At the boot manager, choose your Macintosh drive and boot to it. Go through the usual setup stuff until you see the desktop.
      10. Install myHack from the thumb drive. Bare in mind that the final part takes several minutes, and it may appear to stop responding. This is normal.

      11. Using the 1005HA kit, follow the "first boot" instructions in this main article above for copying the appropriate kexts and plist files to the right locations on the hard drive.
      ***DO NOT INSTALL THE "DSDT.aml" FILE!!!***

      12. Reboot (don't forget to remove the EFI disk from your drive). Your netbook will now boot to myHack, and if you do nothing it will boot to Mac OS X automatically.


    35. This comment has been removed by the author.

    36. So I got everything installed and it boots properly, however, my wifi isn't working. Of course I know the factory chip doesn't work. I already switched it out for a Dell one. My output (relevant) of lspci:

      02:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g (rev 01)

      I read online that this wifi card should work with Mac OSX?

      Any help is appreciated.


    37. smi1ey, great success :D Do you have GMA950? Check that, if so the kexts should work, be sure to use them in System/Library/Extensions/ and run pfix after. If they aint working you might have another device ID, check yours and right click the kext, show package contents and edit the plist with your Dev ID, check which format you should use.

      John, sadly I have no experience in troubleshooting wifi, I just bought myself a Dell 1510 which worked out of the box. But search google for BCM4312 Snow Leopard and try to find any other with a problem/solution.
      Broadcom is know to be working, but not all cards work.

    38. Thanks for the great guide. Everything seems to be working quite fine except sleep and batterymeter. I´m sure I installed all the kexts right.

      What to try? I´m running it on asus eee pc 1005ha.

    39. So a bit of a post report here. After getting a near perfect OSX install, I tried booting back into windows, and it failed due to a MBR issue. Then when I fixed the MBR issue using BootRec.exe from the install disk, it no longer booted back into Chameleon to load OSX automatically. So the nightmare came back, and after lots of tweaking the partitions, I'll probably have to start from scratch. I don't know why dual booting has to be so difficult! :( Oh well, hopefully with installing Windows 7 clean, and then installing Mac OSX using my steps again, I'll be able to boot to both with Chameleon without an issue.

    40. I'm having the same trouble as a guy above.

      10m roughly before the end of installation it fails. And just says to restart. Anyone know why this happens?

    41. Jusu, as I wrote in the beginning there might be some compitability-issues, as not all 1005HA are identic. Some has got different batteries. So it could be because of that. But it should work. Open up terminal and write kextstat, check if all kexts are loaded. If sleepenabler isn't loaded thats why it wont sleep. If it is there could be the DSDT. The best thing is to make your own, they are specific for all computers but as we are all using the same computer they should work (no guarantee).

      smi1ey, dualbooting is a pain, i promise you. It is possible but i gave it up. The issue you are having is because both OS are installed on the same drive, if you have two drives there would be no such issue. There is a way around this, like reading this:
      But to be honest I would not bother. What do you even need Windows for? If there is some light application, use VMWare in OSX. I promise you that you wont ever use Windows when you got OSX up and running ;)

      Red Leader, check the install log, it's more specific. I really don't know why. Heard about this problem though. Search on google and you will find :)

    42. Review reads so easily, Actually ordered the eee pc because of the guide JoQ.
      Will you be attempting to get the original wifi card working insyinc with leopard or is that in the distant future. Not read about anyone else doing it.
      Or will i just have to spend some more pennys and buy a new wificard or just wait a few days till you've sorted it, Ha :)

    43. hi @all
      kann someone posting a tutorial for edit kext files?
      oder better how i can and where of the kext file have to write my ID?
      have eeepc 1005p, but a resolution only 800x600

    44. Yeah JoQ I agree. Since going through all, I actually decided to just go 100% OSX. My only two challenges will be installing the DELL 1510 wifi card (should be easy), and getting 10.6.2 working. Since the OS and everything installs fine with Empire EFI, and I've heard the 1510 works without modification, I'll probably just upgrade to 10.6.2 before running the myHack tool or installing kexts. When it's done, I'll run/install everything and cross my fingers. :)

    45. This is an awesome guide. Thank you so much for compiling the kext and myHack Installer. Along with another comment above, I also have a problem with getting ethernet to automatically assign an IP. It is stuck at a self-assigned IP and it is not at all close to my range of IP addresses. Any thoughts?

      Went to local Microcenter store and got the EnGenius USB WiFi adapter (EUB-9703) with b, g, and N capabilities for $19.99. The box stated that there was OSX 10.5 support. For 20 bucks I figure I will try it out and It worked great.

      Thanks again for all of the hard work.

    46. I'm stuck. So far, I've gotten by custom boot onto my USB flash drive. When I plug it into my eee and turn on the computer and press ESC, it just asks me what OS I want to boot into. The only choice it gives me is Windows 7.

    47. @anonymous. sounds like you need to hit F2 at startup to get to the BIOS screen. Then tab through to get to boot priority. set it then F10, OK, and then ESC... and select your flash drive.

    48. Hi, thank you for this guide, I was able to put mac os x SL on my netbook very easily. There's juste one thing I noticed, when I connect my videoprojector, I have two buggy white screens with lines, whereas there's no problem with an external LCD screen. I used before an installation with your guide on 10.5.6 and there wasn't this kind of problem, do you know if there is any way to fix it ?

    49. MrP, sorry i'm not the author of the kexts, just compiled a bunch of kexts working for our computer, and edited some of them to match up. Support for built-in wifi might come in a distant future, but as for now the best choice is a fully compatible Dell 1510 card (search eBay) for like $20.

      Anonymous, move kext to the desktop, right click it, click show package contents, open folder contents. Open Info.plist with an application like "Plist Edit Pro" (search google). And edit with your device ID, which you can find in Windows, or OS X Leopard (not Snow Leopard what I know).

      smi1ey, there should be no problem, to update to 10.6.2 you just need the patched kernel, havn't done it myself yet as I don't think it's neccessary, but I will write a guide when I do. 1510 is fully supported, just boot up and it will work :)

      w|e|s, I don't really use ethernet, just tried it out quickly. For further information and support, read this thread: and ask if you don't find anything :)

      Alcorak, that's weird for sure, do they both use VGA (not DVI?). And you don't check mirroring right? As that's buggy. The kexts are the same as for Leopard, so I really don't know why this is happening :(

    50. Thanks for your answer, they both use VGA and I don't check mirroring right, do you know the website of the author of that kext ?

    51. Alcorak, sorry I don't remember where I got it. But I will start looking for a better kext for our computers :)

    52. Good luck for your research ! I tried several versions of the kext : 1.5.44 does the same buggy thing, 1.5.24 doesn't work, I've got an unusable screen where I have only the mouse pointer visible...

    53. Can someone help me plz?
      Need a tutorial for asus eeepc 1005p
      thank you

    54. Turns out my installation fail happened post install so it didn't really matter whether or not

      "the bless tool was unable to set the current boot disk"

      I rebooted anyway and it turned out to be a fine install anyway.

      In case others have the problem I found a convo here that seemed promising.

      My batterymeter and sleep are still not working has anyone found a dumbed down set of instructions to operate the dsdt patcher?


    55. Thanks for the reply. I figured it out. Did an lspci and had to add the dev and ven id to a file.

      Now I'm having problems with the trackpad. Neither two finger or single finger tap are working. I solved two fingers finger scrolling (the touchpad button on the top left of the keyboard disables it) but I can't figure out the tapping. Xev doesn't recognize tapping the trackpad so it has to be kernel level, just not sure what kext I'm missing. (Been running nix for years, finally trying OSX now that it runs on the nix kernel)

      Any help is appreciated.

    56. I'm a n00b to OSX :) Sorry. For those having trouble with the tap feature, you have to enable it in System Preferences.

      Why didn't xev catch the press and release? That's weird.

      How about zoom using the trackpad? Any idea's.

    57. Hi JoQ ! I finally found out why I've got buggy screens with vertical lines when I plugged my videoprojector. The problem is that OS X still activate automatically for my videoprojector the mirror mode (don't know why ?). I found a way to disable it with a binary file, all you have to do is to download and copy the binary file as it's described in this page [link][/link]. Before plugging your screen or videoprojector that makes buggy screens, open the terminal and type mirroring off, plug your screen, when you've got the two buggy displays, juste type (Enter), then you finally your two displays working !

    58. Hi JoQ ! I finally found out why I've got buggy screens with vertical lines when I plugged my videoprojector. The problem is that OS X still activate automatically for my videoprojector the mirror mode (don't know why ?). I found a way to disable it with a binary file, all you have to do is to download and copy the binary file as it's described in this page : Before plugging your screen or videoprojector that makes buggy screens, open the terminal and type mirroring off, plug your screen, when you've got the two buggy displays, juste type (Enter), then you finally your two displays working !

    59. Thanks JoQ for this fine guide.
      But I've a problem booting during the install of snow leopard.
      I followed the guide precisely but at the screen "It's my hack ...." nothing happens anymore.
      In the other guide installing 10.5 we had to prepare the asus 1005 with a primary partition. How is the 1005 to prepare in this procedure?
      I had to recover the eeepc with the asus-recovery-XP-dvd. Result is 4 partitions.
      Help will be appreciated.

    60. I'm doing this through a USB flash key. When preparing the drive, there's no option to partition. What to do?

    61. HI!

      I followed the steps for installation many times but still I have
      screen resolution Issues;
      Running kextstat command it's still uninstalled;
      Then I copyed the kexts GMA 950 and then launched pFix
      everythings seems ok, but after the reboot I got a blank grey screen;
      The system Is Running correctly, so that I may shutdown it but no screen.If I put appleIntelFrameBuffer.kext in the extention folder Display works.

      I've tried 10 times to run pFix, and everytime, after Reboot I struck on this damned grey screen!

      Now I have to choose between got this error or use only 800x600 Res.

      Please Help ME!!!

      (I have a 1005HA-H model)

    62. After following the tutorial for both the 1005HA and the 1005P (which I have), I'm able to start up in SN but neither my mouse or keyboard work. What did I do wrong?

    63. Update:
      I've made various test...
      I've connected an external Monitor, working correctly at 1280x1024;
      In prefpan Monitor I didn't see two monitor as normally happen, but only the external.

      Unplugged the external monitor, I have launched monitor sharing from my Macbook Pro to control remotely my 1005...

      Interestingly I've seen that the resolution set by default is 1280x1024;
      changing the resolution have no effect on the display, still grey and blank.

      In conclusion the graphic card seems to work properly, but the display is not recognized.

      At this point I have no idea of what to do...

      I'm in your hands JoQ!!

    64. Hi,
      I `ve followed this guide exactly (and it`s really nice piece of work!!), but I `ve got a problem - My battery indicator is showing just "x". I have the 4400mAh model. I`m using the latest BIOS (1301).

      Also, my Fn keys don`t work.

      Looks like theres a problem with ACPI, am I right ? What should I do to fix it ?

      Thanks !!

    65. Great Guide! Thank you so much! Have you got any updating guides/instructions? Stock update for 10.6.2 is safe?
      I read that 10.6.2 will have support for the AR9285 WLAN card, do you know if this is true?

    66. Fantastic work on this guide.

      Everything works for me, with the exception of Ethernet and the Battery Meter.

      I expect that Ethernet may be a lost cause at this point, but I'm hoping to get the Battery Meter working. I also have the "x" showing on the Meter.

      Any idea how to fix this? Is there another kext that may work, or is this related to the DSDT file?

    67. WOW!

      So easy to be incredible!

      I have installed already all the kext ,contained in the folder sistem/library/extention from the pack downloaded from this guide, with Kext Helper;

      Than I got a copy of "NETBOOKINSTALLER_0.8.3", Chosen "Create a specific dsdt file" after the reboot everithing was OK!

      the dsdt file solved the problem with my display not recognized by MacOsX;


      To verify the correct installation of kext open terminal and type "kextstat" and see if they are listed.


    68. I had the same issue Andrea. Thanks for sharing your issues and fixes. You saved me tons of time.

      and thanks JoQ!

    69. After following the tutorial for both the 1005HA and the 1005P (which I have), I'm able to start up in SL but neither my mouse or keyboard work. What did I do wrong?

    70. Hi I followed your instructions on the last weekend. what confused me first is: when the installalation was complete there was an error message concerning "cannot set boot device" i tried to reinstall a few times until i realized that i had to activate this partition via chameleon. you did not mention that in your tutorial.
      another thing i was fooled by is that you write: ethernet works. for me it did not work at all and I couldnt find any solution for that problem. apart from that i tried to find the dell wlan card, but i just found it at for 51 euro (i'm from germany) which is too expensive for me. - But I really appreciate your work and I'm looking forward that these issues will be fixed soon to fullfill my dream of a lightweight (cheap) eeeBook. Thanks Buddy!

    71. since I installed osx on my netbook, I have not been able to get my factory wifi card to work with Chromium OS or Jolicloud or any linux. I'm really confused on why this would happen.

      I'm not sure what to do!

    72. fixed.

      for some reason it was disabled in BIOS. I have no idea why.

    73. I have the 1005HA with the 5800mAh battery. I've got everything working except Ethernet and the battery monitor.

      Any idea how to get the battery monitor working?

    74. For Your concern...


      After havingn made the restore some files break the kernel function, probably due to the overwrite of some hidden file;

      If you need to restore from a Back Up select only users folder, pay attention to LEAVE THE FLAG ON "Others Folder" from the list of the user's folder


      It works, but somthing lacks, since there's no autodetecting of the network;

      Try connecting the cable BEFORE TO TURN ON THE NETBOOK, should it work...

      Finally I've noticed some trouble with the refresh of the display, that sometimes freezes on a previous image;
      typing or moving the mouse/trackpad wakes up the refresh of the display.

      Anyone has the same issues?

    75. "LEAVE THE FLAG ON..."

      Sorry for my bad English, I meant unmark the flag

    76. Same battery meter issues as others, and I have the 6-cell battery. I attempted to make a personal DSDT with the tools that you recommended. I got an error, but did a force compile. Nevertheless, even with the personal DSDT it did not work.

      I tried to create a personal DSDT with netbookinstaller and although I was able to create one, the battery meter still did not read.

      I tried to install the voodoobattery kext, but that also did not resolve the issue.

      The instructions you outlined are fantastic. I should note that I used the updated My Hack installer. Any help with resolving the battery meter issues would be much appreciated.

      Perhaps, another recommended method to create a DSDT file could resolve it.

    77. Great guide, thanks.

      After a couple of false starts, everything on my 1005HA now works except:

      X shown in the battery meter
      FN keys don't map to their functions
      Ethernet link speed autodetect
      (WiFi with a Broadcom card works)

      Any idea for the battery problem? Is this the DSDT that needs to be rebuilt?

    78. This comment has been removed by the author.

    79. Wow this is getting popular! Just wanted to check back in that the Dell 1510 did exactly as you said, it worked out of the box. Was detected booting to the install disk, and works like a charm. After running myHack and installing the Kexts from your download, I booted to a kernel panic. I was able to boot in verbose, find the kext causing the issue, and remove in terminal from the Snow Leopard install disk.

      After installing the 10.6.2 update, OS X wouldn't boot, as expected, so I followed the instructions here, and it solved that issue:

      I have since installed iLife, iWork, MS Office, and every single software update, and everything is running perfectly. Thanks for all the help!

      Now to find out how to get sleep working...

    80. I've rebuilt my DSDT using NETBOOKINSTALLER_0.8.3 to "Create a specific dsdt file".

      Unfortunately that hasn't fixed the battery still shows the X in the battery monitor.

      ...using the 5800mAh battery.

    81. After booting the computer up, pressing escape, and selecting the USB stick & pressing enter, I just get a black screen with a flashing cursor on the top left corner. Nothing happens after 5 minutes. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

    82. The comments are becoming overwhelming for me to answer. But i notice the most common questions are about battery and ethernet.
      Ethernet support is kind of buggy, I know that, and I'm not at all the author. As Andrea said, for me it always works when booting with the ethernet cable. For some reason the autodetect doesn't function very well when inside OSX.

      About battery-issue, as stated before and in the guide there are many different types of batteries used in 1005HA/1008HA netbooks. And many of you got it all working (using the exact netbook I have). But for you who don't it's very hard for me to know whats wrong, a good guess would be DSDT, but I guess I was wrong. So when trying out different batterykexts, be sure to delete: AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext too. Duplicate battery-kext might cause the X too. Search for other netbook-battery-kexts.

      Hope you guys make some progress!

    83. Thanks JoQ. That fixed it!

      The secret was to remove VoodooBattery (if installed) and the AppleAPCIBatteryManager from /S/L/E

      Then use the latest NetbookInstaller version 0.8.4pre to install an updated AppleAPCIBatteryManager into /Extras/GeneralExtensions

      Battery status now works correctly on my 1005HA. Woot!

    84. Yoshac, did you let netbookinstaller build a custom DSDT as well?

    85. Yoshac, also how did you get netbookinstaller to just install the AppleACPI kext?

    86. Thanks for the guide, JoQ!

      I am the second on who left u messages which was 2 weeks ago. And finally I am here with the lovely maceee! (snow leopard)

      But here's the thing, how could I get the multi touch pad (multi-touch gestures) like 2fingers scrolling??

      Really appreciate your help

    87. what resolution you guys are having ?

    88. what resolution you guys are having?

    89. JOQ,

      Do you having any problems with usb devices getting ejected improper upon waking from sleep?

    90. Jakspro: I'm having the same issue. I will let you know if I find a solution.


      It's caused by the ICH7 SMBus Controller:

      Tue Mar 16 10:46:54 DARKSTAR-2 kernel[0] : sleep
      Tue Mar 16 10:46:54 DARKSTAR-2 kernel[0] : pci restore waited for pci8086,27da (7425) fail
      Tue Mar 16 10:46:54 DARKSTAR-2 kernel[0] : Wake reason = EUSB
      Tue Mar 16 10:46:54 DARKSTAR-2 kernel[0] : System Wake

      That would also explain why the trackpad doesn't work immediately after wake up, it takes about 10-15 seconds to "wake up" the trackpad.

      Will post after doing some more debugging and if I find a solution.


    91. John: Not quite sure about the trackpad issues that you are having. I have installed additional PS2 controller kexts, which I thought were responsible for the trackpad. I also installed a different preference plane for the trackpad to adjust the thresholds/sensitivity of input. Perhaps, for those reasons, I am not getting a similar error. But the improper ejection of USB devices is persistent. I'll try to get some code errors if that might assist you.

      For those who have had trouble with your battery meter I have some suggestions. I finally was able to get my battery meter to work, however, unfortunately I cannot trace back to the exact solution. Here are some things I did within a single boot that caused the batter meter to work:

      a) I installed 2gb ram. Maybe when taking out the old ram for a period of time the computer resets some internal memory? Unusual, but not unheard of.

      b) Entered the Bios and navigated around but made NO changes, but upon exiting the Bios I clicked on, "save changes and exit".

      I rebooted the computer and, to my surprise, the battery meter worked.

      Hope this helps with someones trouble shooting.

    92. I have 1005HAG/1005HGO with 3g modem built in, i know wi-fi is not working on mac os atm, but will the 3g?

    93. Please help. Who has a working battery indicator on 1005ha-pu1x-bk (5600mAh battery)? How do you fix it?

    94. Hey guys, a bit of topic...but any idea of getting mac app for free?

      thanks JoQ for the guide, finally i hv a snow leopard eee :)

    95. I followed the steps but both the usb & built-in mouse and keyboard wont work.

    96. I'm about to buy a netbook and I'm thinking about 1008HA. I hear it has only one USB port - how do I go about the installation with only 1 port if I need external keyboard, mouse and drive? Thanks.

    97. hy,

      i got into the installation screed, but my diskutil doesnt find my harddisk! what could be the problem? should i try to format my disk before, for example with a linux cd?
      my eee is a 1005PE with win7 preinstalled!

      any ideas??


    98. got my problem solved.. had to change the IDE configurations in the BIOS to "compatible"...

      but next problem: everything is working but video!!!!
      the 1005PE has a Intel GMA 3150 and it seems that there is no solution for this card yet.. have already searched by google, insanlymac and hackint0sh...
      without video working, it makes no sense to use OSX, so i will have to delete the partition and wait for a kext...

    99. For those who are having battery issues, I also had some trouble with getting a battery reading. After I installed 2gbs ram my battery meter started working. I wanted to see if the ram upgrade had anything to do with it so I re-installed the 1gb stick. Turns out, that only with the 2gb memory stick the battery meter works. Again, hope this is some diagnostic information for anyone trying to trouble shoot. If anyone has any more information on why using 2gb ram somehow affected the battery meter please post, as it will help out those with getting the battery meter to work.

      JOQ, did you make your DSDT on your 1005ha with 2gb or 1gb? - That might explain why using 2gb activates the battery meter, just a thought. And are you experiencing any problems with the improper ejection of USB devices after sleep? Others are reporting this occurring with the Dell Mini's as well, however, Netbook Installer has a DSDT patch included to fix that problem. It is obviously customized for those netbooks but perhaps those with more skill and knowledge in editing DSDTs could port it to work with the 1005ha. If anyone is interested please post and I can assist you to the best of my knowledge.

    100. Hello all.
      I live in France and I checked on the web to know the price for a Dell 1510 wifi card.
      Wow !!! only 39 $ in the US, but 54 € in france and 74 FHS in switzerland.
      So I'd like to buy it inthe US.
      I'm panning a 10 days trip in NY next month, so if somebody could tell me where I can buy a dell 1510 wifi card in this town it would be great.
      And if thre is any new-yorker on this blog perhaps we could share hackintosh experience and meet in NY during my trip.
      See you all.

    101. @manadeoro
      The card need not be a Dell for it to work. I used a generic mini PCI-e wireless card using the Broadcom 94311 chipset and it worked without additional kexts. My card cost NZ$25, about 12 Euros.

      At anyone else who can help, I have tried most every battery meter solution I can find with no success. I'm curious to see what the the DSDT file has in it, in order to test the 2GB of ram theory. How does one open and edit the DSDT?


    102. I've been trying to do this for a while now. I've attempted a few times to install, but after each attempt it says that the install failed. What did I do wrong?

    103. @Joseph - The installation failed screen has also appeared to me every time i installed SL on my 1005HA, but everything works anyway. Just reboot as stated insert the USB and press Esc at the boot, selecting the USB stick (continue on the part of the guide that says "First Boot"). All should go well ;)

    104. Well first of all thank you for a very usable install guide and complete kit to install snow leopard. I had used a couple of iDeneb installs that work with leopard in the past but they were much more work. This guide installed first time with onlya couple of minor glitches. On the first install it said that install failed but when I tried a manual reboot by turning off the power switch it started up properly, the keyboard and track pad and wifi and batterymeter didn't work so i tried reinstalling all of the kexts from your kit using kext helper. Rebooted all worked. now my only problem is the webcam, it worked on the install to take a snapshot of me but now it is not detected in photo booth or skype or in any mage capture program. It is enabled in the bios. any ideas? Thanks again for the easy install guide.

    105. Hi Folks,
      i followed this tutorial, but then i realized that i need lan and wlan working. so i desided to go beack to my windows 7. But fool I am, i just want to have my factory settings back. does anyone have a complete disk image? i better should have made one before playing around with leo. i'd really be very happy if someone could provide a complete hdd image for me. :-/ Thanks Christopher

    106. Excellent guide thanks JoQ,
      i have a 1005HAB so far the only issue i have is the ethernet, which i gave up already, the wifi (i'm waiting for my dell 1510 card, and hopefully it'll will out the box) the Fn keys are not assigned properly, i install Spark but i couldn't figure it out how to assigned them, battery meter, resolution, sound, VGA output, SD card reader work great, i already install iwork, ilife and they work with no issues, the track pad, i guess it work, if a tap it twice it doesn't open the selection, or the two finger thing, honestly i never had a macbook so i don't know how is supposed to work :-) thanks

    107. Hi Anonymous,
      I understand that your batterymeter is working right. In mine the "x" is permanent. I followed the guide precisely with the kext helper. I ask you because I bought my 1005HA in the Netherlands and you are from Germany. Did you managed the 2Gbyte trick? Please let me know.

      JoQ, thanks for the great guide.

    108. I just run Geekbench, my score was 1004, i got 7900 with my macpro clon lol

    109. Thanks for the tutorial but hell why... Where is PFIX?! And where as the kext in this archive?! NONE!! There are some in the old 1005HA tutorial archive, but here in Extra there is no kext!! So what do i do?

    110. # Now transfer all the files to Extra located in the Extra-folder in the kit.

      I DID except the supposed extra kext that are NOT IN THE ARCHIVE!! Did the rest too.

      Then i reboot without USB disk, it says errors block something whatever, the boot menu appear.

      So i select my new SNOW partition, then apple show up but won't load, hard disk is sleeping... WTF?


    112. so i finally got my wifi card today!!! I dissembled the netbook, and i was removing the wifi card i notice that the one i bought is twice as big as the oem card, after playing a little bit i couldn't figurate out how to put it, it was too big, then i check my invoice just to double check and for my surprise i got the wrong card!!!! i got the Dell Vostro 1510!!! i was f@#%!!
      I was so upset, then i took a break, i told my self if its a dell it shoud work, so i did some minor modification and got it to fit, put the netbook back together, turned it off and here i am, online baby!!! it work out the box!!


    113. # Now transfer all the files to Extra located in the Extra-folder in the kit.

      I DID except the supposed extra kext that are NOT IN THE ARCHIVE!! Did the rest too.

      Then i reboot without USB disk, it says errors block something whatever, the boot menu appear.

      So i select my new SNOW partition, then apple show up but won't load, hard disk is sleeping... WTF?

      Look through the folder for the kernel extensions. They ARE in there. So is pfix (permission fixer).

      Here's another idea. BE A LITTLE MORE RESPECTFUL! Being an a*hole won't get you anywhere.

    114. "Look through the folder for the kernel extensions" that's what i did and there is NO KEXT in the Extra folder. The ONLY FOLDER in there is THEME. If my eyes are disabled, please tell me how do i magically make them see that KEXT folder. Thanks in advance for your help.

    115. @ the anonymous poster above...

      There are 3 folders in the archive:

      In the System folder are two nested folders:

      The kexts are, funnily enough, in the Extensions folder, where, as extensions, they ought to be.

      If your archive really is missing these files and folders, then I would respectfully suggest that you download the zip file again, being a prudent move in case you have accidentally and unknowingly deleted same from the version you originally downloaded.

      I hope that is of some help.


    116. Hello,

      Right i can make the boot, install correctly, reboot, interrupt Chameleon, select my new drive, fill out all the apple account stuff and then i see my nice new desktop.

      I can run myhack, i place all the files from /extra in the kit to HD/extra

      I place all the kexts from /system/library/extensions in the kit to HD/system/library/extensions

      I run VoodooHDA.prepane install all users
      and i get a error cant find path <??

      Run the pfix say y to the permissions and exit.
      remove the USB booter and reboot my system.

      Then i get everything back but i still have nothing working< No track pad, no keyboard no sound. Its like the kext aren't installing.

      I have also used kext helper b7 and still nothing.
      What am i doing wrong?

      Also i can restart no worries but if i go to shut the system down my new eeebook carrys on running on a blue screen<??
      Whats the matter anyone else having these problems, or fixed these problems i would love to know.

      Im also gonna replace the wifi card which i have also brought after i know i got a kinda prefect Eeebook.

      I NEED FEEDBACK. cheers

    117. "located in the Extra-folder in the kit" for me that means the kext should be in the extra folder, as it says... I know there are some kext in the System folder of course.

      # Transfer the kexts from the kit “/System/Library/Extensions” to the same folder on the internal drive.

      This made me think even more that there should be different kext... Got me now? So in fact, everytime kext are mentionned, it's that folder?

      Thanks for your answer, so now i install it again, and i hope it will work without problem this time, cause it still takes 1hour every time...

    118. I just posted a comment but it doesn't appear... Damn i hope it will cause it was long! See that guy Adam, he says "I can run myhack, i place all the files from /extra in the kit to HD/extra" Again mentionning FROM EXTRA... When in fact all kext are ONLY in system/library?!

    119. You have 2 issues I think.

      VoodooHDA pref pane appears to need to be run from a folder not too distanced from root, so I recommend running it from Desktop. Copy it there prior to running it. Note: Before attempting the re-install, check first that you have no existing VoodooHDA installation in your system preferences. If you do, right click it and delete before continuing.

      Then run the pref pane installer you have copied to the desktop.

      The other issues seem to be, as you suspect, failed install of the kexts.

      Try restarting and using -x -f at the bootloader. If you're not certain how to do that, just hit any key when the first drive image shows up on boot.

      Then just type the two arguments one after another, separated by a space. You'll see the commands appear at the bottom left of the bootloader screen.

      Then restart with a normal boot.

      (If you already knew that stuff, my apologies. Just ignore my rambling.)

      If that doesn't work, copy pfix to your desktop and run it from there. Note any errors that are detected. If none, type "y" (without the quotes) when prompted, to run the disk permissions repair.

      Restart with the -x -f flags and then do a normal retart. If that doesn't nail it, get back to us.


    120. Yes but all the files in /extra are as:

      i also put /sound in /extra aswell.

      All kext are located in /system/library/extensions in the kit to be placed in /system/library/extensions

    121. Cheers AndrewNZ im on it, yeah im good with all that jargon.

      when i start in -x
      all is good!

      Will post my response.
      my last post was directed at Anonymous

    122. @ Anonymous yet again...

      Do us all a favour and give yourself a name. Anonymous is hardly specific - we honestly don't know who we're answering.

      On the off-chance that I'm replying to the same person I was answering previously, I feel obliged to point out that all of the files are indeed in the Extra folder as the very generous creator of this blog suggested, albeit some residing in subfolders. If in doubt, look around.

      And if you feel that you can do better, then please feel free to create your own blog on this complex topic. If not, then some gratitude is welcomed, I'm sure, and less criticism also.

      I have made some suggestions as to how one might fix the problems some face, and while I offer them in good faith, I cannot guarantee that they will work.

      My sincere apologies in advance if they don't but I did my best.

      As to your apparent anger over your bad install, it might well be that you are emotionally unsuited to the Hackintosh process. Many times, the things done to fix a certain fault will break something else. And it's not likely that you will ever achieve the virvana of a Mac Hack that truly works like a real one.

      That's the nature of the beast, I'm afraid.


    123. You can know i'm the same anonymous cause what i write is related to our former discussion, but i will register don't worry.

      Did i make criticisms? I didn't notice then... I'm used to hackintosh, this is not the problem here. Maybe lack of english? Surely...

      I'm not sure if you told me that the everytime kext are mentionned here in the tutorial, they are from that library folder in the archive...

      Cause it's just what's making me feel dizzy. Please just confirm it to me. Now the new install is over so i'm gonna give a new try...

      Thanks again for your help!

    124. While i was installing MyHack after the Snow Leopard succeed, the finder just crasher and i could do nothing but turn off... Guess what? I couldn't reboot it... I'm off for a new (is it 4th?) install! The thing really wanna get killed with my bare hands it seems haha... What a devil product!

    125. Finally i could install it! Battery meter work with upgrade to 2Gb only as stated (not with 1Gb). Ethernet did not work. I had to plug before turning on to make it green BUT even with that it couldn't catch internet...

      That's really too bad there's no way to change wireless card without destroying he warranty (or actually there's a way and i missed it?! If so , just tell me!) cause international warranty for travel is a good thing...

    126. KoKo, replacing the Wifi card will not void the warranty. Asus officially said that a couple of years ago that breaking the Warranty-sticker wont really void the warranty. Asus is not responsible for any damage you might cause. But easy things like this, and/or replacing harddrive is okey.
      Search for it if you don't belive me, havn't got the source right now.

      Good luck!

    127. Right like the anorak i am i started again. Still got some issues with the kexts. i am reading alot into this now on other sites but am still gonna post here untill i get my EeeBook.

      on the pfix i have these issues.

      EvOreboot.kext - no dependency found for
      EvOreboot.kext - no dependency found for
      EvOreboot.kext is missing dependencies (including anyway; dependencies may be available from elsewhere)

      I get nearly the same info back for FakeSMC.kext NulCPUPowerManagement.kext SleepEnabler.kext

      Anyone else get the same? is no dependency found a good thing? i think not as it sounds pretty negative?

      Maybe i need the correct kexts for a 1005ha whi064x?

      Cheers for the help guys.

    128. i sold my 1005pe because it seems that there will no solution in the near future for the gma3150 video-cards.. tomorrow i will get my 1008ha :-)

      my question is how to combine this installation method with a dual or triple boot (xp+ubuntu+osx)


    129. This comment has been removed by the author.

    130. Hello guys.
      I got my EeeBook working kinda, I now have Keyboard, trackpad, mic, sounds, webcam. Woop

      I have a few minor issues:
      The battery monitor wont work but im researching that.

      Sleep works when i leave it and comes back on when i press a key, but when i close my laptop and open it again it doesn't come out of sleep.

      Restart works but when i do a shutdown it seems like osx shuts down but the machine doesnt do a full shut down, just hangs about<<??

      But i swapped the wifi card and its now online, thank god!
      We are bound to have a few quirks, anyone had and solved some of my issues.
      Cheers guys

    131. @Faruk

      When you use Disk Utility in the Snow Leopard installer, partition your HDD into 3 separate partitions, using the MBR scheme. Install SL to the first partition, Windows to the second and ubuntu to the third.

      I dual boot to SL and Win7. When I installed Win7, it messed up the bootloader but I fixed it by using the bootloader on the USB drive to select the SL volume to boot into. Once there, I ran the MyHack on the SL installation on the HDD which repaired the bootloader.

      So now I can boot either SL or Win7 from the icons in the bootloader. Works perfectly.

      I expect the same might happen once you've installed XP and ubuntu. But the fix was really simple, so don't hesitate to attempt it.

      BTW, I chose the MBR scheme over the GPT one because I couldn't get Win7 to install on anything other than MBR. Your mileage may vary.


    132. Powney, as i and others said, switching to 2GB RAM (more too i guess?) will make the battery meter work! Otherwise if you wonder, you get same time you get in Win7...

      Any idea for me why ethernet doesn't catch internet even after i set manual IP? JoQ (or anyone else) i searched and everytime people said (even youtube osx tuto) it will void warranty... I'd like what you say to be true so i can keep this netbook, otherwise i'll sell it away...

    133. @KoKo

      I confirm that the battery meter works correctly with 2GB of RAM installed. And has never worked, for me at least, with 1GB. BTW, replace Apple's fugly meter with SlimBatteryMonitor which allows you to customise the meter's display. It's a free app, and quite small. CoconutBattery is a battery health monitor you might also be interested in.

      From the threads I have read, the Xmit capability of the ethernet chip is not enabled with the drivers (kexts) so far available, so the computer's software never gets any DHCP protocol info from the router. And assigning an ip address manually won't fix the problem since it's never transmitted thru the ethernet port.

      A new kext that fully supports the PC's ethernet chip will be required to make it work. No sign of one yet and the computer has been on the market for quite a while, so I personally don't expect a working driver at all.

      If ethernet is a must, get a USB to ethernet dongle. Or, as you say, sell the 1005ha and start with something you know works.


    134. @Adam

      Looks like one of the omnibus io kexts (Family kexts) hasn't installed correctly and the kexts not loading are failing because the dependencies contained within the kext that they expect, are missing. I think...

      Try reinstalling the kexts with "family" in the name with KextHelper. And if that doesn't work, try reinstalling all of the kexts in the Extra folder. Sometimes the most obvious step will turn out to be the right answer.

      No guarantees though... :-)


    135. @AndrewNZ

      I don't need the internet, but wireless is indispensable to me, that's why i need to be sure i won't void the warranty!

      All broadcom card works or not? I mean out of the box... Cause there are many avalaible. Otherwise, anyone tested the ebay batteries?

    136. I meant "i don't need the ETHERNET" of course... ;)

    137. @KoKo

      It's unlikely that all Broadcom based cards will work, but there's enough info out there for you to select one that will work. If you don't get a half-height card, you'll need to do some minor surgery to your PC to get it to fit. Not difficult, but that will definitely void the warranty.

      I used a standard mini format PCI-e card and needed to mofify the case a little to fit it.

      The chipset on mine is Broadcom 94311. Works like a charm and the OS installed it automagically. So if you can source a half-height 94311 PCI-e wireless card, then you'll be sweet.


    138. Wait, do you mean the 1005HA needs a special shaped card? :/ The usual mini card won't fit without changing the case? Cause i don't want to loose the warranty as i said...

      Is there some models that you know & that are "half-height card"? Cause Broadcom 94311 is also what i planned to buy :(

    139. Hmm after reading again your post, it means some cards don't have same size? But still they're mini? Complicated... Sellers on ebay do not provide those informations if i remember...

    140. If a seller doesn't supply the info as to whether or not the card is half-height, ask. There are most definitely two different formats available.

      If you don't want to modify your PC, you need the half-height format. And make certain the card is PCI-e, not PCI.


    141. Ok so MINI PCIe can be two size... But half sized isn't the most common? I thought so... For exemple the Ralink RT2860 (or something like that in my Akoya/WIND) is half sized?

    142. I should rather have asked you if a card model (the 94311 for example) can be avalaible in 2 different size or is it 1 size per cards? I found a good price for BCM4318 which apparenly going well with OSX...

    143. KoKo, quick search and guess what I found:
      It's an official statement from Asus, contact them if you don't belive me now. I can't promise it covers you, but if they say it does, I guess it do!

      Select Dell 1510 Half-size card, it will work and will fit! Same size as original, one good thing about my 1510 card is that it got two antenna connectors, so i bough another and fitted to the case. Superb Wifi-reception i must say!

    144. @JoQ

      My wifi card has 2 connectors also - I'd like to get a better signal so I'll look into picking up a second antenna. Can you post a link to your recommended antenna.

      And was it hard to fit? Mods req'd? That sorta thing.

      Many thanks. And great guide BTW. :-)


    145. I think I need some help...
      I failed the first attempt to install - didn't fix the permissions at the very end and now the computer fails to boot into OS X. What's even worse, it won't boot from the USB drive anymore! Here's what happens:

      1. If I select HDD I get Chameleon, if I continue with the HD it will get stuck at a gray screen and won't proceed any further. If I stop Chameleon and choose the USB Install disk it will continue. The problem here is - I can't see my internal HD in the Disk Utility!?

      2. If I boot directly from the USB drive, all I get is a prompt. Nothing happens.

      The bottomline is - the Chameleon starts from the internal HD but at the same time this drive is invisible to the OS X installer. I'm unable to boot the eee from the external USB drive even though I restored it from DVD several times. Please help anyone...

    146. @Andrew

      thanks for your quick post.. will try to get triple boot working on my 1008ha, but neither the wifi-card nor the 1008ha is delivered yet..

      will report how it worked..


    147. AndrewNZ,

      That's the kind I bought, works great. No modification, found a spot for it, just had to tape it with doublesided tape. I'm sure you will figure it out.

    148. @JoQ

      Thanks for the info. Appreciate it.

      I'll post on my progress later.

      On a totally different topic, weird that the battery meter works perfectly with 2GB RAM but not with 1GB. There must be a clue in there someplace, but I don't know enough to decode it.

      Ah well, I need 2GB to run Photoshop anyway so no biggie for me.


    149. 2GB is not really that expensive. And yes I'm sure there is a solution for that too, but sorry I really haven't got any time to spare. Working part-time and studying too :O

    150. Ethernet will never work on 10005HA with ATL1E (ID 1969:1026) driver because has ATL1C Rec c0 (ID 1969:1062). Patch Info.plist is useless.

      I'm still searching for workin ATL1C driver.

    151. Thanks for your answers but you still didn't answered this question : Is each card avalaible in multi shaped version (half and normal) or just one? If it's just one then it would make it easier for research...

      Anyway about the Dell 1015 i read that there are problems and it's a quite expensive one (looked on ebay) i wish not to spend more than $15, i'm surely going to buy more than one anyway. Can i use the Ralink RT2860 (i think it's this?) in my Akoya while waiting for airport recognized one?

    152. @KoKo

      I'm not sure what you're asking, but here goes anyway.

      Dell has its own model numbering system and if you go the Dell route, you'll need to search to find out which card is half height and which is not.

      People seem to have success with Dell wifi cards but nobody can guarantee you will.

      Dell use cards based on Broadcom's chipset quite a lot for their notebooks, and SL seems to be equipped to see the Broadcom chipsets as native airport units.

      I read a post on a forum that recommended that the 94311 chipset from Broadcon works well and is seen as native airport hardware. So I searched for a card that was inexpensive and based on that 94311 chipset.

      It cost about $15US but it was a standard PCI-e mini format, not a half-height card. So I made some small mods to the Eee's case to allow it to fit. No biggie. It works perfectly.

      You, on the other hand, don't wish to risk your warranty, so your card should be a half height card, not a standard format card like mine.

      But it doesn't need to be a Dell card. Mine isn't and others have working cards that are not Dell. So, if you don't want to pay for a Dell, buy another card with a known working Broadcom chipset instead.

      Note that my cheapie card doesn't support the 'n' wifi standard which is important to some. If you want that, you'll pay more for your card than you'll pay for a 'b/g' card.

      I don't know anything about Railink crads so I can't offer any suggestions there.


    153. I found a Dell 1397 for good price, chipset is BCM94312, 100% ok as airport from what i read, confirm me & i'll order a few.

    154. Thanks JoQ!

      But here's the problem, I couldnt turn the bluetooth off on 10.6.0 model is 1005ha and i followed ur guide to paradise....hope you could help cause it uses up quite a lot of battery.


    155. Is there any way to install Mac OSX without having or knowing anyone with a Mac.

    156. @anonymous with Bluetooth issues

      Go into system preferences under your apple menu, click network and in the network list, select the Bluetooth option. Press the minus (-) button to remove it from the list.

      Quit system preferences and re-start your 1005HA.

      On re-boot, hit a key to enter the bootloader. Type -f -x then enter. Note there's a space between those two arguments.

      The -f will force a rebuild of your kext cache in case that's the problem, and -x makes SL start in safe mode (if you didn't know that already - if you did, my apologies and ignore the explanation).

      Once SL has booted into the safe mode desktop, restart the 1005HA again having done nothing else.

      When the normal boot into SL is complete, load system preferences>network again. If the Bluetooth option doesn't appear on the list, press the plus (+) button to show it as an option. Choose it and apply/save. Quit system preferences.

      Hopefully, you're good now.


    157. @KoKo

      Good to hear you have a solution you're happy with. Enjoy your MacBook Mini.


    158. @wjd589

      The answer to your question is "yes". You'll need to search and the best place to start is Insanely Mac which has by far the largest repository of Hackintosh information available anywhere. It's truly vast but as a result, can be quite daunting in sifting to find what you need. But it's all there.

      Remember to search before asking questions though - many posters take offence at those who don't bother researching before posting questions.

      Good luck...


    159. Thanks for the guide, JoQ.

      I wanna ask about dual boot...sim1ey , i followed your guide to snow leopard. Any idea how to daul boot windows with Empire efi??

      And does it work for discovery disc

      Much thanks!

    160. Thanks AndrewNZ for your reply about the bluetooth.

      but i followed ur guide (first step):
      Go into system preferences under your apple menu, click network and in the network list, select the Bluetooth option. Press the minus (-) button to remove it from the list.

      I couldnt find bluetooth under network

    161. @Anonymous Bluetooth dude...

      "But here's the problem, I couldnt turn the bluetooth off on 10.6.0 model is 1005ha and i followed ur guide to paradise....hope you could help cause it uses up quite a lot of battery.


      Your original enquiry quoted above suggests that Bluetooth was working and you couldn't turn it off. But now you appear to be saying that it's not working? If it was, it would be in your network list and your post immediately above tells me it isn't showing in the network list. Correct?

      If the Bluetooth icon is showing on the menu bar, then it's being recognised by SL. So I suggest you do everything in my post except for removing the Bluetooth reference in the network, (since it's not there).

      Let us know how that goes.


    162. Install worked sort of. After I followed all the instructions, only problem was pfix kept asking for a password. And once installed mouse did not work.

    163. @AndrewNZ
      I have the same problem with bluetooth. It works (for the Internet instead of WiFi), but in menu does not option "turn bluetooth Off" and in bluetooth preferences i can't remove flag "On". Your manual does not resolve problem=(
      Any more ideas how to fix this?

    164. I read most of the way thru the comments (there are many!), I apologize if this question has been addressed.

      If we go with the method described in comments by Kenny Wu on March 1st, although more difficult, we will have snow leopard running. Am I correct that with snow leopard we could also use the stock wifi card then?

      I would like to try this, but I really want a clean looking machine w/o a dongle, and I also don't want to go messing with the guts of the machine in case I want to clean it up, put windows back on and sell it or something.


    165. @Jeff

      Regrettably, nobody appears to have been successful getting the stock wifi card to work in SL.

      Read the remainder of the posts to get some suggestions for a working wifi should you change your mind about opening the case and updating the hardware.

      Otherwise, you'll need to select a different computer to get what you're after.


    166. @umount

      I'm sorry but I don't understand what you're telling me. Bluetooth doesn't directly connect to either the internet or wifi, so I can't make sense of your problem. Bluetooth only connects to another Bluetooth device as a pair.

      So I cannot suggest anything to help, other than deleting the Bluetooth protocol, then re-installing it. SL may discover it without your intervention and set it up correctly, but it's a long shot.

      If it's loading but not doing anything useful, delete it altogether and search for similar issues on Google. At least it won't be a drain on your battery while it's malfunctioning.

      My Bluetooth is working perfectly and I used the kexts that came with SL and the Extra kit supplied as part of this tutorial.

      Good luck.


    167. Andrew, i guess what you mean by HALF SIZED is simply Mini PCI-E instead of Mini PCI, isn't it?

    168. @KoKo


      Besides the fact that I actually said "half height", there are definitely two PCI-e mini formats. There is a standard height model in addition to the half height version.

      And I don't mean "HALF SIZED is simply Mini PCI-E instead of Mini PCI, isn't it?". PCI and PCI-e are different dimensions, different pin arrays, different performance and are totally incompatible.

      Your apparent lack of comprehension may well be that English is not your native language, although I have tried to be patient and clear in my explanations.

      So I trust that you now understand what I wrote. I hope so, because if not, I don't see any value in discussing it any further with you.


    169. KoKo, not that we don't want to help you but seriously, read everything again if you don't understand, what Andy has told you is perfectly clear. Maybe you should stick with Windows, or buy a real Mac!

      AndrewNZ, I admire your patience, thanks for helping out in the comments! :)

    170. I've tried numerous times to get mine to boot from a USB stick but it's unsuccessful. When I hold "v" while booting it gets me to this black screen and asks what operating system I want to start and Windows 7 is my only choice. It doesn't ever recognize my USB stick. What am I doing wrong here?

    171. Anyone know how to get 10.6.3 working yet? I've had 10.6.2 working for awhile now on my 1005HA, but cant get 10.6.3 working.

    172. Have working 10.6.3, but after after returning from sleep display backlight not turning on. Is problem display driver or power managment? Any ideas?

    173. unmount, try the graphics-kexts from earlier version, like 10.6.2 and find out. I'm still at 10.6.0 on my netbook!

    174. hi!

      thanks for the great guide! i got the usb drive working, but it fails booting with "launch_msg(): socket is not connected"

      any idea?
      thank you very much!

    175. hi appreciated the tutorial very well, nice job..

      1. i want to install it using an external dvd not the usb boot,, therefore there's no need for me to use another Mac and making usb boot right?
      because neither me and my friends have a mac book or imac.. just a pc can i install it?

      2. and i am planning not to replace my windows 7 what should i do to make it a dual boot? wherein i have the chance to choose whether to use win7 or macosx?

      thanks a lot

    176. hello and thank you.
      i'm following the tuto but i don't understand when you say ( in first boot part ) : " Now transfer all the files to Extra located in the Extra-folder in the kit. "

      can you explain more please ?

    177. This comment has been removed by the author.

    178. @L

      There's a folder called Extra in the kit you have downloaded as preparation for the install. Copy all of the files in that folder to the folder Extra in the root of your hard drive. Simple really.

      If by some chance you're having problems locating the Extra folder on the HDD, it may be hidden. If so, you can click on your desktop and press Cmd+F, or use the Find menu command, under File in the finder, to search for it.

      Double click the Extra entry in the results list to open the Extra folder to make it easier to copy your files over.


    179. @Nash

      I chose JoQ's tutorial because it allowed me to multi-boot, something that was important for me, without having to jump through hoops to get it working. So yes, multi-boot is possible and relatively easy to do. See my post further up for a brief overview.


    180. @AndrewNZ

      thank you Andrew. i have made what you have said. but the install of sound make me an error, the extension make me error when i navigate in system preferences ( maybe normal because i was in the first boot ) . i don't find pfix.

      i reboot ( second ) and i have no USB; no mouse ... no keyboard ...

      it's needed to restart by the creation of the USB installer or i can restart by the installation of mac os x on my drive ( by my USB key ) ... because i don't know where is the problem.

      Thank you and sorry for my english level.

    181. reading more the comments, i have seen that my problem come from the i dont have de PFIX and don't know where find it

    182. L, pfix is an application in root. You can't miss it! And all the problems you experience is because of not running pfix.

    183. thank you guyz. i have installed PFIX and KEXT HELPER by the net ( pfix were really not in my Root... ) but impossible to paste extensions because of a bug on admin password .... i'm fed up with reinstall again and again lol . a friend is installing me mac os by a NBI method ...

    184. install with NBI failed at the end of install mac os ... ( X 2 )

    185. HI! Sorry to bother again, but hasn't anyone heard of "launch_msg(): socket is not connected" during boot? i'd appreciate any help!

    186. Updated to 10.6.3 with the combo updater. Appears to be successful with nothing broken but will post again when it's been on long enough to tell for sure.

      Wasn't as difficult as I'd expected but it wasn't trivial either.


    187. I've given 10.6.3 a full workout and nothing has broken as far as I can tell.

      Third party wifi works
      Bluetooth works
      Full res accelerated video display works
      Battery meter works (2GB of RAM)
      All of my software, including CS3 Design, still works
      Audio works
      Sleep works
      Shutdown works
      Fan control works

      In fact, the only issues I have are those I had before updating to 10.6.3 - namely built in ethernet not working, and waking from hibernation messes up the wifi and I have to restart AirPort.

      So all in all, the little Eee 1015HA makes for a fine MacBook Mini,


    188. I install OS X but when I put KEXT with Kext Helper and I reboot I've got a white screen .. Why ? It doesn't work in Safe Mod ...

    189. Did you run pfix after to installed your kext(s)? If not, try that.

      I assume the next sentence implies that it doesn't boot successfully in safe mode either?

    190. Why are everyone using Kext Helper, the guide never says you should. As far as I know Kext Helper only works for Leopard, and that's why the permissions isn't correctly fixed, neither is the Extensions.mkext created as it was moved to another folder with Snow Leopard.

      Follow the guide!

    191. Mouse does not work on final reboot.

    192. Hi, JoQ, greetings from Russia and thanks for great manual! All works pretty good on my 1008HA, I used also Spark to enable volume hot keys. At this moment I have two questions.

      How can I turn off Bluetooth (except disabling it in BIOS)? Can't select it from menu, the string is gray.

      Could you recommend me some usb wi-fi stick for using in 10.6.0? I think, I couldn't replace miniPCI-E card, it's not so easy with 1008.

      Sorry for my bad english and thanks a lot!

    193. "Anonymous said...
      Mouse does not work on final reboot."


    194. @C.make

      "At this moment I have two questions. How can I turn off Bluetooth (except disabling it in BIOS)? Can't select it from menu, the string is gray."

      Apple>System preferences>Network icon - select the Bluetooth item in the network list and click the minus (-) sign at the bottom of that window.

      But if you don't need Bluetooth, as apparently you don't, why not turn it off in the bios as you mention?

      "I think, I couldn't replace miniPCI-E card, it's not so easy with 1008."

      Others have done it successfully. But if you want a recommendation for a USG wifi dongle, you best search via Google. See what the consensus is. You'll be lucky indeed to find people here who can advise you. We're pretty much all noobs, and very few of us chose the USB Wifi route, I'm afraid.

    195. To all.
      I followed the guide precisely and at the end all worked well. But I have to mention some problems I had during installing SL.
      Installing SL was for me a process that did'nt end. Finally I stopped the Disk Utility and forced a stop with the stop/go-button. Reboot, push the ESC, go to the USB-drive, abort the autoboot and go to the internal drive.
      It takes then some time before the SL-welcome-film starts and after that the "Before you begin . . . ."-procedure can be followed. At the end I reach the desktop.

      For wlan I ordered the Dell 1510 half-mini PCI-e card via ebay in Hong Kong and after installing it worked indeed perfect. When I boot now the 1005HA the connection with internet accomplishes automatic.

      I had problems with the batterymeter. Sometimes it was there and as it was, always with a "X". I upgraded to 2GB and the problem is gone.

      So thank you all for your comments, especially JoQ and AndrewNZ.

    196. AndrewNZ said...

      Yeah, mouse and touchpad. Only keyboard works. I can't get the install to work.

    197. So first it was only the mouse that didn't work. Now the touchpad doesn't work? Or was it that neither worked from the beginning?

      If you want us to offer assistance, please tell us everything you can that will help us diagnose your problem. The touchpad not working would have been a useful symptom, don't you think? And why were you attempting to use a mouse on a laptop? Was it because the touchpad didn't work? Useful info.

      Find out what else doesn't work and we'll have a much better chance of helping you. For example, do any of your USB ports work? Try plugging in other USB peripherals to see if they work. And if not, the chances are likely that the USB driver is broken.

      If that's the case, google the topic and see what comes up. My bet is you did something wrong or you failed to perform some step. That's basically what causes my issues when things go wrong for me yet don't seem to be happening to many others.

      So, give us as much info as you can and we'll do our best to help you.


    198. I followed the guide and I can't say what did or didn't work as I had no functional mouse or touchpad. I tried corded and wireless mouse. To be more precise as you requested several things did not flow as per instruction.

      During the install the things that didn't match the guides were pfix asking for a password of which I do not know. VoodooHDA results in Can't get registry-entry path.
      I even used "defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE" and "killall Finder" to show hidden files.

    199. First up, please give yourself a nick - anonymous is not conducive to understanding who we're replying to.

      Let me see if I have this straight.

      You got to the point in the install where you needed to run pfix? That means you actually installed the OS onto your HDD. Right? If you had no working mouse, how could you get that far? The answer is that you could not have as you needed to make choices, with mouse clicks, but you're saying that the mouse (and touchpad) didn't work.

      Maybe the mouse worked prior to you re-booting from your new, flawed install? Whatever the case, you haven't supplied enough info and you're forcing us to guess. Again.

      So I assume that during the Apple new user set-up procedure, you chose not to specify a password and hint. Which could well explain why you don't know the password. You didn't set one up.

      You need to start again, because you have to have admin rights to complete the install and without a password, you cannot have admin rights.

      You MUST run pfix at the end of the install procedure. If not, many kexts will fail to install correctly and the OS will suffer the problems you're finding.

      Many people have witnessed the "VoodooHDA results in Can't get registry-entry path" error message. The easiest fix is to copy the prefpane file from your USB drive to your desktop and run it from there. If you had a failed VoodooHDA install, make sure you right-click the VoodooHDA pref pane in System Preferences (if it's there) and uninstall before re-installing.

      I cannot re-iterate strongly enough that in order for us to help you, we need to know what you did wrong. If you won't tell us, then you'll make it impossible for us to help you. It's that simple.

      We're not detectives - you can make it easier by supplying the detail that you have so far omitted, and that we're having to assume.

      We want to help. Please do your bit as well.


    200. Since I already stated mouse did not work on final reboot I didn't see the need to say it yet again. And considering your judgemental tone from the start. You have issues. You don't need to be a dick and talk down to me, sheesh. I explained it as well as I could in the last reply. I'll try again on my own. I have done plenty of complex hacks and mods prior to this. I'm not without my skills. Thanks for nothing.