Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Build a Mac

It was a while ago I posted on this blog. So I thought I'd share my latest experience.

After using your MacEEE's for a while now, I guess you want more than one Mac in your house.
That's why I put together a great combination of parts, cheap but performs very good in OS X and works fabulous in Snow Leopard.

This is the exact parts that I use, except that I have a 8800GT instead of 9800GT (same card basically). I know this isn't the best performing computer, but everything works fine with Snow Leopard, and does not cost too much! I even got TV-out working, and digital audio (via SPDIF-bracket, sold here.

If there is any interest in this, I could write a tutorial on how to install on this hardware later on.



  1. So were you ever able to get snow leopard on the 1005ha? if you were successful i'm sure the rest of us will be so grateful for your help

  2. Yes i was, i'm running Snow Leo on my 1005HA right now, I will write a guide, problem is, it's a little more complicated, because this time i used the best way (a vanilla install, no distro).

    Be patient!

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