Monday, August 31, 2009

No wifi in Snow Leopard... YET!

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Bad news. The wifi-card in 1005HA and 1008HA doesnt seem to be nativly supported. Our device-id is not in the AirPortAtheros.kext
For now, Wifi does not work with Snow Leopard.

But hopefully this will be figured out, i'll ask around!


  1. Does this mean that you have SL working on your 1005HA? Where's the guide you promised it's been days. By the way it's not that big of deal to do a wifi swap. It took me about 35 minutes.

  2. Sorry but i did not promise something, i said i would look into it, and if it works as i hoped, then i'll write a guide. Right now there are many many things not working properly.

    I know it's not a big deal to do a wifi-swap

  3. Thanks for checking out the wifi thingie in SL. This was indeed of great interest for us 1005ha owners.
    Big up...

  4. noooo. *tear* oh well. i wonder if it was just in beta cause then we could get it pulled over. who knows, it will work someday.

  5. All i can say is that i used a Retail install, Final build. And that the wifi does not work out of the box! Tried adding our device id, but still no luck.
    I went back to Leopard for now, sorry, but i see no need for using Snow yet!

  6. But with Leopard everything works out of the box?

  7. Alex no, ethernet and Wifi does not work!

  8. Just wondering, JoQ, are you still thinking about possibly making a Snow Leopard guide or are you planning on staying with Leopard until more is done to get full support with the Snow Leopard on the 1005HA? I know that you said the Wifi and ethernet don't work with Snow Leopard, but what other problems did you run into with Snow Leopard on the 1005HA? The reason why I ask is because I'm still interested in using Snow Leopard instead of Leopard on my 1005HA because of the performance increase and new GUI features. Plus, I just think it would be awesome to have the newest release of Mac OS X running on my netbook.

    I'd be more than happy to do some of my own experimenting and testing with Snow Leopard on my Asus 1005HA because I own the retail disc of Snow Leopard as well, but I can't figure out how to boot after installing without getting kernel panics, so if you just tell me the basics of how you installed and booted into Snow Leopard, I could work towards getting Snow Leopard support on the Asus 1005HA as well.

    Thanks again for your hard work on getting Mac running on the 1005HA!

  9. Roger, i think i will stay at Leopard for a while. The reason why i said i was going to write the guide was because i thought that i could get wifi to work, and even ethernet. But as it turns out, it's not that easy.

    But yes, i did get Snow Leopard up and running. I did not get graphics working, but i think someone is working on that.
    The reason why you get Kernel Panics is because of the IOATAFamily.kext.
    It's not a great solution, but you can delete that, as it is not neccessary for us.
    The computer will now boot without Kernel Panics, if you have the other kexts that is needed. Like FakeSMC.kext, and a dsdt.aml file (use the one i provided).
    Other things to think about, use Chameleon 2 RC1 (not RC2) and replace the boot-file with PC Efi 10.1

    This is not very easy to do on a netbook, but what i did was use a external harddrive and installed Snow Leopard on that, and now i could customize my install with my working Leopard install on my other computer, and plug it in to the netbook and try.
    If everything works you can just "ditto" the harddrive (clone) to your internal one.

    There you go mate, thats the most important things :) And remember, boot with "-x32" to boot into 32bit kernel!

  10. So what you are saying is that you've given up. Great work and great guide. From everyone here I would like to say thank you for all your hard work. I on the other hand will continue to work on the problem at hand and not just wait around for someone else to figure out things like the graphics problem. And bollocks to the original WiFi card it's crap anyway.

  11. I cant say i gave up, but Snow Leopard is not really a big deal for me, if wifi and ethernet had worked oob it would be perfect, im perfectly happy with leopard for the moment :)

    Since i bought the computer one month ago the only thing i have done is experimenting with installs. Time to use it a little :)

  12. Here try the guide that was posted in this thread:

    No, it won't work with the built-in WiFi but everything else should work and doing a WiFi swap is really fairly simple if you are already hacking your PC. Good Luck

  13. Hi

    I run snow lepoard on the 1005HA but for now, I have no graphics / sound / mouse / network support. I've tried hard to make graphics work but nothing is working. Have you found any solution to enable QE ?

  14. FYI: I have Snow Leopard 10.6.1 running on a 1005HA with WiFi (from a replacement card) and Ethernet (from a USB-to-Ethernet adapter) - runs like a champ, updated from 10.6.0 to 10.6.1 using Software Update.

  15. Jer. Eps, would you mind posting a guide or at least a pack of kexts you used to get snow leopard running? Do you have full battery meter and sleep working? Thanks.

  16. ;) Read de info by the side of the video... it's all there.. a little complicated but step by step!