Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Installing Mac OSX Leopard on Asus EeePC 1005HA

This guide is outdated! 
(Be sure to check the blog's first page for updates)

Update 2: Changed the my package with better sound-kext, now with Preference Pane, you will get a higher max. volume.
Update 1: Filled out the missing parts about installing new trackpad kexts.

This guide will give you an almost perfect OSX installation. We will use 10.5.6 and don’t update to 10.5.8 becouse that gives us trouble with batterymeter and sleep. So stay at 10.5.6 (it’s the same thing)


  • CPU with hyperthreading
  • Sleep
  • Trackpad with two-finger scroll, two finger tap and many more features
  • Sound (internal speakers and phones)
  • Graphics with full QE/CI and dual-monitor with VGA
  • Screen brightness buttons
  • Camera (fully working with Photo Booth)
  • Batterymeter with time remaining and percentage
  • Wifi (with Dell 1510 or other halfsize PCI cards)

Not working:

  • Ethernet



  1. Burn iDeneb to a DVD and boot it with a USB to SATA adapter, or put iDeneb on a USB-memory. (Guide)
  2. Boot the media with ”Esc-key” when you see the first screen, select it.
  3. Let it load iDeneb installation
  4. Follow the wizard, until you need to select drive, open up Disk Utility and format the drive to ”Mac OS Extended (journaled)”
  5. Quit Disk Utility and select the drive, continue.
  6. Press Customize and select ICHx Fixed, FireWire Remove, GMA950 under Video/Intel/ and select Kext Helper, OSx86Tools.
  7. Start the installation


  1. The system cant boot by itself yet, so keep the bootable media in. Press F8 and type: ”rd=disk0s1 -v -f” and hit return.
  2. After a while it should booted into OSX, first you have to fill out the wizard.
  3. Now extract the package i provided and install Chameleon 2.0 (folder Bootloader + DSDT/) first of all, do not reboot.
  4. Install the DSDT-patch i made (thanks to fassl) by moving dsdt.aml to ”Extra/” folder in root.
  5. Open Kext Helper and install all the kexts in the folder ”Kexts/” and ”Kexts/ACPI Fix” (check /System/Library/Extensions/ to be sure all kexts installed fine, they are all color marked)
  6. Reboot your netbook, it should now boot fine by itself
  7. Check if Hyperthreading works in Activity Monitor, try sleep trough Apple menu, check if batterymeter and if time remaining works)
  8. To fix resolution and full QE/CI install all kexts in ”Graphics/GMA950/”
  9. Open folder ”/System/Library/Extensions/” and find ”Natit.kext”, remove it! Don’t reboot yet!
  10. Open ”/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/” with Text Editor and add the string from ”EFI String.rtf” there might already be a ”device-properties” so just add the string below.
  11. Save! If it doesnt allow you to save, right click the folder ”SystemConfiguration” and the file ”” and change the Permissions to allow you to write.
  12. Reboot, and when it is loaded up, you should have full resolution with QE/CI
  13. Install the "VoodooHDA.kext" from "/Sound" with kexthelper, move "VoodooHDA.prefPane" to "/Library/PreferencePanes/" and "voodoohdahelper to "/Library/StartupItems/".
  14. Now it’s time to make the trackpad work as an Apple-trackpad! Install ”VoodooPS2Controller-0.98-installer” inside the Trackpad-folder. Do not reboot!
  15. Extract ”VoodooPS2Controller.20090511.trackpad” and install the kexts with Kext Helper.
  16. Do not forget to remove ApplePS2Controller from "/System/Library/Extensions/"
  17. Reboot!
  18. The trackpad should work, but the settings in Preference Pane doesnt save. You have to move ”org.voodoo.trackpad.configurationloader.plist” to ”/Library/LaunchAgents/” and replace the old one.
  19. Open Terminal and write: ”chmod 644 /Volumes/OSX/Library/LaunchAgents/org.voodoo.trackpad.configurationloader.plist” (this is what it says in the Readme.rtf located in the folder ”Library/LaunchAgents”.
  20. Reboot! Now trackpad settings should save (it’s a little bit flicky when you change settings, but works fine after a while) Be sure that you change settings in both the Trackpad pane and VoodooPS2Controller pane.
  21. Congratulations! You have a very nice Leopard Netbook!


  • If you dislike the iDeneb wallpaper and want the original Aurora one, replace the old with the one located in ”/Fixes”. You can also change the MacOSX.tif in About this mac.
  • You can install VoodooPower.kext if you want the CPU to throttle, i dont like this, so i skipped that part!
  • To fix the issue with Photo Booth not fitting the screen, replace it with the one i provided.

Thanks to "The Jack of Clubs"
  • If you get the error "using 5242 buffer headers and 4096 cluster io headers" its because you didnt read the guide and need to boot to the cd with the "rd=disk#s#" and install the ACPI fix.
  • If you do "rd=" and it gives a missing root error its because you are either on the wrong harddisk "disk#" or the wrong partition/slice "s#". you installed it, where did you install it at? You should know this.
  • If you didn't install the DSDT fix and it wont boot add "cpus=1" then boot up and do the guide properly so you can use your whole cpu.
  • If you cant tell whats going on and you just see a gray apple logo, add "-v" so you can read your problem.

This guide is outdated! 
(Be sure to check the blog's first page for updates)

Enjoy, and please donate if you like it, thanks!


    1. what do you mean by "many more features" for the trackpad.Sounds interesting.From my 1000HE I have 2 fingers scroll/tap ,3 fingers tap but that's it.Do you have more?Thanks

    2. This guide is awesome! Thank you so much for this wonderful compilation JoQ!

    3. blakken, sorry i didnt mean many more. You have the standard ones, two finger scroll, two finger tap, tap to click. One finger scroll.
      What i meant there are alot of settings, not many features, i actually dont have 3 finger tap, how did you get that?

      Roger, thanks alot! I'm really glad i could help :)
      I'm working on even more improvements!

    4. Nice Work JoE

      I got my 2 finger scrolling up and photobooth tweaked.

      My keys are now functioning slightly different windows is now command while alt was prev.but I'll either tweak the layout of get use to the new config.


    5. J.P. just change the layout under keyboard prefs, you can select that the Alt key is command.
      Really easy :)

      Install the DSDT patch too, if you are using the "CPUS=1" fix now, couse this will allow you to use hyperthreading

    6. My keyboard and mouse refuses to work after the ACPI install. Any clues?

    7. The keyboard and touchpad I mean.

    8. Tried the install again and no go. What BIOS version are you running? Thanks.

    9. excellent guide. ill try it tomorrow if i have time. hopefully youll do a snow leopard one coming up too. snow leopard has atheros drivers for wifi and ethernet. it would be great to have a no mods needed fully working mac netbook.

    10. Sean, oh, i forgot one thing, you have multiple PS2 kexts as it is now. Ill add that to the guide.
      When installing the new trackpad/keyboard drivers you have to remove ApplePS2Controller.kext from /System/Library/Extensions/
      Now it should work, if you use the ACPI Fix kext i provided, becouse they remove the AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext too, that usually is inside AppleACPIPlatform.kext.

    11. The Jack of Clubs, i will do that i think!
      Yes i've read about the atheros drivers and that surely is great :D I will change my wifi anyway though (already ordered Dell 1510)

    12. Works as advertised! Whoohoo!

    13. i love u man, thank you very much for this manual. Would be great if anyone could test snow leopard as well..

    14. I will try Snow Leo out if i find a nice distro. Don't think our 1005HA could handle retail install, i have tried that out too, but with no success.

    15. when i get my retail disc tomorrow, i will try that as well, hope we can manage it together. JoQ, i've read about editing the OSinstall.mpkg to allow installation on MBR formatted hard drives. Check out that video:

      The next steps after installation would be to install the chameleon bootloader before actually the first reboot after SL installation.

      Hope that'll help you. Will report ASAP...

    16. everything seems to work cept the battery icon which has an X on it and when i click it it says "No batteries available"

    17. you're a life saver!!! Followed the guide. It was a bit frustrating when my keyboard/trackpad stopped working. I pulled out a usb mouse, plugged it in, and finished the steps using the on screen keyboard! lol

      thank you so much!

    18. I finally got mine to work perfectly. However have you tried upgrading to 10.5.8 to see if anything breaks? Thanks.

    19. The Jack of Clubs, you dont have multiple battery-kexts? You should only use the AppleACPIRuntime.kext i provided (with the others).

      arronx, yeah i know but, after the installation you should not have any problems with the tackpad/keyboard :)

      Sean, Great! Yes i started off by updating to 10.5.8, but what i did loose was sleep, batterymeter. Maybe i just wasnt lucky, but there's really no big need for 10.5.8 instead of 10.5.6

    20. im not sure what kexts im looking for in terms of battery issue. shutdown and sleep dont work either so thats acpi.

      anybody know where to get a sample smbios.plist? im trying to change the model identifier so it looks like a macbook to finder and afp. i figured out how to get chameleon to stop using smbios defaults but the smbios patching is not sticking so instead of "mac pro" it says "1005ha". and also anybody know what the model identifier for a black macbook is? i think it might be MacBook4,1

    21. i knew right as i typed that i would figure it out. MacBook4,1 is a white macbook. i want a black one though! ill have to fiddle with that till i break it.

    22. Has anyone tried either of these methods (with some modifications, of course) for getting Snow Leopard working on their Asus 1005HA?

      Thanks again JoQ. Your instructions worked great. Hyperthreading support is so nice to have! :) I'll probably experiment a little bit with iDeneb v1.6 to see if I can get 10.5.8 working with sleep and the battery meter. I was originally able to get sleep working on 10.5.8, but whenever it woke from sleep the mouse wouldn't work when using voodoops2. I have not managed to get the battery time remaining working on 10.5.8 either. Strange thing is that it tells me the time remaining until it is fully charged, it just doesn't say how long until it's dead (percentage works though).

    23. Hi,

      I just realized that iPhoto does not fit quite right either in the 1005HA.

      Is there a fix for that?


    24. HI,

      First, incredible guide. I have installed OSX a different way and it works well but not great. I will try yours once I figure out what the following means that are in your guide. I put my question in CAPITALS.

      Install the DSDT-patch i made (thanks to fassl) by moving dsdt.aml to ”Extra/” folder in root. HOW DO I FIND THE "EXTRA/" AND ROOT?

      Open Terminal and write: ”chmod 644 /Volumes/OSX/Library/LaunchAgents/org.voodoo.trackpad.configurationloader.plist” (this is what it says in the Readme.rtf located in the folder ”Library/LaunchAgents”. WHAT IS TERMINAL AND HOW DO I FIND IT?

      The above questions are likely obvious to answer but I just can't figure it out.

      You figure out how to make Photo Booth work correct. Any luck with Garage Band (when you are working on a project) fitting within the screen?

      Any fix for trying to download a Lesson in Garage Band and it doesn't let you because you do not have a dual processor?

      Again, fantastic guide and I will be replacing mine once figure out what Root is and how to do the Terminal thing


    25. your "root" is your hard drive or "/" and you should see it on the top of the left side bar in a finder windows. terminal is under /applications/utilities.

    26. And Extra folder is created after installing Chameleon 2, it's in root (first folder of the harddrive)

    27. is your 1005HA the P version with bluetooth and N280 Atom or the standard one with N270 instead...

    28. Standard with N270 and non bluetooth, doesnt matter what i know!

    29. Hi! I previously got my 1005HA up and running a few weeks ago with the help of various other sites, but I used the info here to try to get tap and two finger scrolling to work on my touchpad. It does work -- the only issue is that now my touchpad (and occasionally my keyboard) stop working after waking up from sleep! USB keyboard and USB mouse both work fine.

      I can live without two finger scrolling, but I'd really like to have tap to click. Do you have any advice about how to take care of this?

      Alternately, I'd settle for reversing the changes made here and giving up tap to click if only my touchpad and keyboard would continue to work after sleep. I'm just not sure how ...

    30. eirian, you can try this package instead of voodoops2:

      It doesn't support two-finger scrolling, but side scrolling and a couple of other gestures such as tapping should work, just go into the prefpane for the trackpad (it adds one). It shouldn't have any problems with waking from sleep since it's a modification of the original apple ps2 driver.

      I'm just hoping that someone gets Snow Leopard working on their Asus 1005HA. Wifi support would be so nice. I know you said you've had trouble booting from the Snow Leopard disc JoQ, but have you tried installing it over a pre-existing Leopard installation using the guides that I put in my previous post?

    31. Roger, that sounds great -- but how do I remove voodoops2? Is it as simple as removing the VoodooPS2Controller kext and the VoodooPS2 panel in System Preferences, or are there any additional steps? Thanks!

    32. im dying for some snow leopard so i can use this as my primary os. need some wifi. just inject it right into my veins. just one more hit man! thats all i need! dont hold out on me man!

    33. eirian, there are a couple of ways to remove the kext that I have read about. One sources said that you could simply remove the kext file in the "Extensions" folder, then delete the Extensions.mkext file (right next to the "Extensions" folder, then restart and it should remove the kext, but I'm pretty sure that I tried that and it didn't seem to get rid of the kext file, at least for me. Other sources have suggested methods such as these to remove the kext files (commands done in Terminal):

      sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/NAMEOFKEXT.kext


      mount -uw/
      rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/NAMEOFKEXT.kext

      (replace NAMEOFKEXT with whatever the voodoops2 kext is (probably VoodooPS2.kext))

      I would try those methods and see if any of them work for you. Sorry, I'm still kind of new to Macs so I'm still getting the hang of the Unix environment, so if anyone else knows of a better way to remove kext files, feel free to share. I know it's kind of radical and annoying, but if all else fails you can always just reinstall Leopard and run the WindTrackpadBundle in my previous post instead of the VoodooPS2 package. Let me know if you have any other questions.
      Best of luck!

    34. eirian, that is a common problem, that's why i wrote this detailed guide for installation. If you read and do exactly what it says (including the ACPI Fix kexts) and check so the other PS2 kexts are deleted. It is very likely your problem will be gone! And you will have multifinger support.

      The Jack of Clubs, i'm trying my best to get it working, it wont boot the dvd tho! I will look deeper today :)

    35. Hi JoQ, very nice guide indeed!

      Got Leopard up this weekend on my brand new 1005HA, but I keep running into problems:

      - Sleep turns off the display but then freezes
      - Battery indicator displays an X

      I reinstalled many times, exactly following your guide the first couple of times and then tried many, many other things to get around these two issues.

      I deleted all other extensions containing 'battery' and tried a lot of ACPI / PowerManagement fixes found on fora without success.

      Any 'did-you-try-this' or clues? Thanks!

    36. I had the battery x problem. After rebooting once or twice without any other changes, it started to work.

    37. I used this guide, except starting with IDeneb 1.3. I am not seeing two CPU in About CPU or Activity Monitor but Generic Management Application shows two CPUs and two P00x ?

      Is this right?

    38. schafdog, it should be correct. Don't know why Activity monitor shows you one only.

      norckon, if you really did as the guide says, i really dont know, do you use 10.5.6 or higher? Becouse 10.5.7 and 10.5.8 gave me issues with battery indicator and sleep.

    39. JoQ,

      I started over with a fresh 10.5.6 install and followed your guide -- everything seems to be working now except for sleep and the battery indicator. I have tried multiple reboots and installing the kexts multiple times, like norckon, but have also not had any luck. I was able to get these working on my previous install (iDeneb 1.3, 1000he guide from, so I'm going to try experimenting with those kexts. Any thoughts on how to get around the sleep/battery issues?

    40. Great guide! Well done. I kept my XP install so I had to do some extra work at the start. First I resized the XP partition and made the rest of the drive a partition for OS X. Now, for some reason the OS X installer refuse to install to the internal hard drive (I think this has something to do with it having the MBR scheme). Anyways, to get around that I just installed to a USB hard drive, following your guide, then I cloned the drive to the internal hard drive. That worked out fine.

      But, like Eirian and Norckon above, the battery indicator and sleep is not working.

    41. Another question -- has anyone else lost the ability to control screen brightness after installing certain kexts? I am able to control it up until the point where I install the Graphics/GMA 950 kexts. After rebooting, I have to switch to USB keyboard/mouse, so I am unable to check whether brightness works until after the touchpad kexts have been installed. However, I can no longer control brightness after this reboot (although it did work on my first install!) Is there something obvious I have missed here as well? I don't seem to be able to redefine the shortcuts for it in System Preferences, so it seems like a graphics kext issue.

    42. Hi:

      First thank you so much for this guide. I am having an issue, however, and I was wondering if anyone else had trouble with this and what was there solution. I have successfully installed ideneb but when I get to step 3 in the post install, I went to plug my usb drive to extract Chameleon 2.0 and found that the machine doesn't see my usb drive! Sucks for me not sure how I can finish the process. I have went into the BIOS and check that USB was enabled so I'm out of luck right now. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance. I can't wait to finish this up and have a sweet new Asus Hackintosh.

    43. Seems like I'm not the only one with the battery & sleep problems. I've tried running 10.5.6, .7 and .8 several times each. Maybe Asus started shipping models with slightly different hardware..?

      The only other thing I can think of now is the BIOS; mine is running the newest version (0703) out of the box and I can't downgrade using the BIOS EZFlash option. Could anyone confirm running the newest BIOS version without having said problems?

      I think I'll stay at .8 without sleep for now, at least until I get my Dell Wifi card. Maybe at that time (2 weeks or so) Snow Leopard is ready for us :)

    44. I've just spent the last 3 days trying to install iDeneb 1.6 10.5.8 lite edition on my 1005HA-P with absolutely no luck. I get kernel panics 50% of the time from the install disk and once it is "installed" it either panics or just freezes. I've followed all of your instructions. Has anyone else seen this?

    45. JoQ
      Sorry for having beeing long time away.
      About three finger tap/two fingers tap:It's a kind of tip I discovered 4 months ago while I connected my mighty mouse.Actually you modify the secondary buttons.
      After disconnecting the MM you have your buttons behaviors changed!
      Strange but it works!

    46. blakken, i dont understand, if i use a Mighty Mouse i will be able to activate 3 finger tap? Isnt there another way?

    47. Norckon: yeah, it seems something is not right here, we cannot all have made the same mistake, so either the BIOS or hardware configuration differs or the guide/kexts is somehow incorrect (no offense JoQ, pros to you for writing it!). I have the latest BIOS as well, and my machine says "MB REV 1005HA 24". Also it is a 1005HA-BLK014X, which I guess means it has the Nordic (Scandinavian) keyboard. I was thinking of trying .7 or .8 but I guess there's no point then if you've tried it multiple times already.

      Also, what am I supposed to look for in the Activity Monitor to verify that Hyperthreading works? Am I correct in assuming there should be two CPUs? Currently I see only one...

    48. Guys, sorry for not helping much. I've spent my time looking into Snow Leopard more, becouse that's the interesting one for us 1005HA owners.
      I wrote the guide as i installed my config, and i did install it multiple times with everything working. And many of you reported it working, so i guess something differs. Question is what!

    49. JoQ:
      I'm not a kext expert.Maybe there is a way to but unfortunately I don't know how to do it manually.

    50. My 1005HA is Bios Rev 0703 with EC Firmware EPCD-021. Install was fine and I have no shutdown or sleep issues.

      Also I got 10.5.8 to install with iDeneb 1.6 before. However I could not get the video kext working so I gave up. I remember I did the AHCI fix, CPUs=1, ICH fix, Firewire remove. Basically the most conservative install.

    51. Also I had USB issue as well. The drive needs to be plugged in while booting for it to be seen until everything is installed. Then it works fine.

    52. Sorry noticed a typo, ACPI not AHCI fix.

      Another note, I had the battery showing an X problem as well before. Can't remember how it was fixed. Think I just reinstalled and it worked. Make sure to repair permissions often.

    53. Sean, thank you, thank you. That worked for the USB. I am up and running, and had I a Gigabyte wifi card from when I made my MSI Wind a hackintosh, so I am totally up and running with wifi and all! Thanks so much. Still seems to be some little things though with the keyboard, like it wont delete, etc. But really digging this machine, I'm giving it to my son and I'm a little jealous, its a bit nicer than my Wind. Best.

    54. The one's reporting that you dont got hyperthreading, you did not install any "cpus=1" fix or boot with "cpus=1" ? Becouse if you only install the dsdt.aml that i provided, there is no need for that, or any ACPI Fix!

      Maybe the DSDT patch i made doesnt work for all configurations out there.

    55. Cant wait for your Snow Leopard Guide!

    56. Hi!
      I finally found a proper iDeneb ISO (v1.1 10.5.4), restored it to a USB key but can't install as I get a kernel panic just after the grey screen with the logo.
      It's the usual message "You need to restart your computer. Hold down..." so no more info about what might be wrong.
      Any pointers?

      Thanks! =)

    57. Ricardo, you have to boot with "-v", then there will be alot of text telling you what's wrong. It's not always that easy to understand. But i think you should use a newer iDeneb, i havn't tried the one you are using!

    58. Hey,

      Can anybody tell me what is the performance of such install? How fast/slow is the boot time, how fast/slow is the operating system during usual work (some music, safari with websites, terminal with tabs ope) and whats most important, what is the battery life when compared to WinXP option?

      Thanks in advance!

    59. Interesting, performance on a well configured OSX install is same as with Windows, i think it flows better, maybe its because Mac is giving me that feeling.
      Batterylife is not as good as in Win XP, the speedstep ability is not as good as in Windows, but batterytime is around 5 hours, which is good, i think!

    60. I've tried both iDeneb 1.4 and 1.6 on my EEEPC 1005HA and it NEVER BOOTS.

      It always hangs on loading the kernel.

      I get Mac Framework successfully initialize followed by the buffer headers and that's the last line I get.

      It just hangs and sits there.

      Same results for both iDeneb 1.4 and 1.6 ....

    61. I tried this, but it just hangs at the apple logo after first boot.

      When trying to boot off of the DVD and do the rd=... thing it says cannot find root

    62. the damn thing just deleted my post. oh well ill type it again...

      if you get the error "using 5242 buffer headers and 4096 cluster io headers" its because you didnt read the guide and need to boot to the cd with the "rd=disk#s#" and install the acpi fix.

      if you do rd= and it gives a missing root error its because you are either on the wrong hard disk "disk#" or the wrong partition/slice "s#". you installed it, where did you install it at? you should know this.

      if you didnt install the dsdt fix and it wont boot add "cpus=1" then boot up and do the guide properly so you can use your whole cpu.

      if you cant tell whats going on and you just see a gray apple logo, add -v so you can read your problem.

      this should all be put in a section that says "if something doesnt work and i dont know why" section followed by "go read the guide".

      no solution to the battery/sleep/shutdown issue i can see btw.

    63. But ethernet still doesnt work?

    64. Got it all working! Battery, AC detection, sleep/shutdown/restart, sleep on lid close and proper power button detection, all on 10.5.8 (iDeneb 1.6) without Disabler :D

      Most of my problems were solved by using DSDTSE to build a custom DSDT, including all kinds of hacks to provide the features above. DSDTSE includes a nice set of hacks you should be able to insert into your own DSDT with a little skill.

      Next to that, I'm running:

      GMA950 pack & ACPIFix from this post, Bluetooth fix & AppleSMBios from Thireus Fixes 3.4, FakeSMC from NetKas, VoodooBattery, VoodooPower, VoodooHDA and VoodooPS2, IOUSBFamily from

      Hope this helps somebody else, but be prepared to try & debug for a while; it took me about 40 hours to get here :)

    65. norckon, care to upload your DSDT.aml?

    66. Because that sound beautiful. I would love to try it out, and i would like to check your DSDT.aml!

      Thanks mate!

    67. Sure! Your guide gave me a kickstart on my first OSX86 experience so that seems fair ;)

      I created a package of (I think.. hope) all the files I'm using now. Get it at

      Have fun!

    68. norckon, i dont understand how you get sleep working by closing the lid. Mine doesnt. Did you use Sleepenabler.kext ?

    69. And one more thing norckon, i can't get sleep to work, the way you said. Does not work, tried with SleepEnabler.kext too. Screen just goes black and then turns on again, after 2 seconds.
      And i was not enable to remove Disabler.kext, caused me Kernel Panics!

    70. Can someone please check the internal mic? Is it working with skype in OSX 10.5.6?

    71. JoQ, by removing the Disabler you enable AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement, which can only run with a proper DSDT. My guess is the one you're using is not compatible with your specific hardware. Try to extract your current DSDT using DSDTSE and apple the hacks yourself. Please note that extracting the current DSDT will give you the version the system had loaded, so you'll end up reading dsdt.aml; I started with the one from your package, updated it using DSDT GUI Patcher and then used DSDTSE to modify.

      Using SleepEnabler is impossible in my situation; together with the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement it will panic. This is no problem, because the SleepEnabler only disables some parts of the various Disabler extensions. So I'm sleeping without SleepEnabler and Disabler and this works, for me at least :)

      I've had the same problem directly waking up after sleep and resolved it by repairing permissions, clearing caches and rebooting. If this doesn't help, open terminal and do a 'tail -f /var/log/system.log' after booting in verbose mode. This will show you some more info about the reasons for waking. In my case the UHC devices were causing wake, which are the USB ports. You could try to remove all USB devices and disable the built-in ones in the BIOS to find out what is causing wake.

      I'll be playing some more to finetune everything and maybe I'll test my own solution on a fresh install this weekend to find any missing parts.

    72. norckon, okey i solved it my own way. Seems i need the SleepEnabler.kext, and now it sleeps on lid close! :)
      But something is wierd with the batterymeter.
      It works, shows time remaining, but its kind of stuck when you charge. It does not update, if you stick in the charger, it stays at the percentage. But if you reboot after a while it updates to the actual one.
      Not a big deal but quite annoying. Any idea?

      Thanks for your great ideas :)

    73. @Yuta

      FYI my mic is not working under iDeneb 1.4

    74. Yuta, Mic should be working. With VoodooHDA, im not sure the one i put in the package is the latest. But i think it works, havnt tried tho!

    75. Hey JoQ... Great Tutorial

      but i have 2 Problems

      1. Batterymeter doesnt work
      2. Pc dont shut down / no sleep

      any help for me?

      iam have a German EeePC is that the Problem?

      i hope you can help me

      sry for my bad english^^

    76. people like to post the same issues dont they.

    77. this is an awesome guide.... kudos to the authors.

      i think we should sort out this BIOS thing. As of today 9.5.09, i see the following bios on asus' website

      v0505, v0601, v0703, and v801

      here is my setup and what works/doesn't work

      ASUS 1005HA ACPI BIOS Revison 0402
      Core version: 0402
      Build Date: 05/12/09
      EC Firmware Version: EPCD-011

      iDeneb version used: 1.4
      Sound: NO
      Battery Icon: NO (see the X)
      Sleep: NO
      Shutdown: NO (goes to black screen, but LEDs for everything are still ON, have to do a hard shutdown)
      Ethernet: NO
      WLAN: NO
      Mouse/Keyboard: OK (only after removing the ApplePS2....kext thing)

      I'm going to upgrade the BIOS one by one to see what happens.... or if anyone can help fill out this info, maybe it will help us all out..

    78. jaja, great!
      I have the latest BIOS, should have written that down. Maybe thats the solution to all your problems!

    79. Hey JoQ

      can you help with my problems?


    80. joq - so you have the 0801 bios? maybe i should just skip it all and go to that one?

    81. i had 0505 preinstalled and upgraded to 0703 the first day while playing around with the programs that came preinstalled. ill have to check out this new 0801. they seem to be doing a new version each month. i dont have batter or sleep/shutdown. i did have it with the other guide so ill search around between the two and hopefully figure it out. prolly while im figureing out getting me some snow cat.

    82. skipped to the 0601 bios...

      sound = yes
      ether = no
      wifi = no
      sleep = yes, but it won't wake up...

      trying the 07xx bios...

      and joq - i found some news that said that the 08xx bios was real troublesome esp for win7? i'd upgrade with caution

    83. newbie question here.... are you aren't supposed to re-install the kexts after you update the bios, are you?

    84. i meant '... SO you aren't supposed to....'

    85. just upgraded to the 703 bios and no dice...

      still have the battery x and no sleep situation...

      even added the sleepenabler.kext and still no dice....

    86. Sorry about the confusion, i dont have the latest. I have the 0703 bios.
      And about the battery x, you are sure you aint got any other battery kexts? And download VoodooBattery and try if that works better, you have to remove the AppleACPIRuntime.kext then.

      About the sleep, sleep is very sensitive, and if something is wrong it wont work, i dont really know whats wrong tho!

    87. Battery wont work on my Eee whatever. i dont need it.

      can you help me with the shutdown problem?

    88. Mops, have you installed the OpenHaltRestart.kext?
      And do try out VoodooBattery.kext for battery!
      Something must differ in our 1005HA's, because not everyone seems to have these problems!

    89. OpenHaltrestart are installed.
      Voodoobattery are installed.

      no changes.

      btw. your resolution fix doesnt work at my eee it start with artifacts.

      i got it working with the kext from this tutorial

    90. I'm a giant noob. A week ago, I knew almost nothing about computers. So bear with me.

      I followed all the instructions.
      I am basically running OS 10.5.6 on my 1005hab.

      I too ran into all the problems with sleep, battery power, battery life etc.

      However, the problem that I can't live with, is that of no wifi. I haven't modified any hardware, but now that I look at the instructions, it says "Wifi (with dell 1510 or other halfsize PCI cards)" I'm not sure what I have... but does that mean the only way for me to get wifi is to have those? If someone could fill me in, I'd much appreciate it!

    91. i think you need an other wifi card. i buyed one from ebay.
      works fine for just 30€. Dell 1490 truemobile wifi card mini pciexpress.

    92. So, this new wifi card would require that I take my netbook apart, right? I know it sounds stupid, but like I said, I'm a noob.

      This worked on your 1005hab? All your wifi is entact?

      Anyone else this worked for?

      Thanks for the help guys! It's been a nice surprise to find it's possible!

    93. you need to disassemble the netbook.

      i have the 1005HA and it works great. no problems with installing

      look at this tutorial to open the netbook.

      sry for my bad english^^

    94. had some time on my hands... did the entire install again... (i thought maybe if i updated the bios and then did the install, thing would be different...)

      i followed everything step by step, and here's what happened...

      1. bios = 0703
      2. did everything to number 6 on the post install
      3. battery = x, mouse/keyboard not functioning...

      so up to this point it sorta puzzles me..
      a. should the battery thing be working
      b. and should the mouse/keyboard thing work? I had to delete the PS2 kexts or something.. should they be automatically deleted?

      also there is a sticker on the back of my eee and says:
      MB REV 1005HA 12

      does this mean anything? what does everyone else have?

    95. @jaja according to JoQ, your battery should be working. For me it didn't and after a lot of tries I managed to get it working using VoodooBattery. You could download my package a few posts earlier and everything should be working (on 10.5.8 that is). The keyboard/trackpad will work after installing the VoodooPS2 extensions, either JoQ's or mine.

      JoQ tried my pack and verified it's working, but in his case he had to leave Disabler.kext in /Extra and use SleepEnabler. Give it a try!

    96. Fantastic guide!
      I had a few issues, mostly keyboard and mouse stuff, but it's all going now.

      One thing (isn't there always) I can't get my camera to work. I'm wondering if diffrent models of 1005HA could have diffrent cameras? I tried to use system profiler to find my camera type but it does the same as PhotoBooth and crashes shortly after launching.

      Any idea where I could start looking?

    97. norckon,

      i think it was we had to remove a acpi something after the voodoo battery.... i did that before, but was not successful...

      i was trying to figure out what was different here between all of us, and was hoping that those numbers i wrote would help us make some sense. maybe we can all contribute with these 'model numbers' and 'rev numbers' to make some sense here....

      i mean logically, i doubt ASUS would have totally different motherboards, moreover maybe the REV is exactly that.

      and another thing i suspect is the actual ideneb disk/disk image. is it possible that there are different variants of this?

      fyi i'm using the 1.4 (or the one that is highlighted on this page...)

      i just ordered the dell mini pci too.... maybe i can get that to work. i'll keep you posted.

    98. hey Norckon i want to try your pack to fix my battery problem.

      what must i do with the powermanagement.bundle?
      install it too?

    99. @jaja agreed :) maybe it helps:

      MB REV 1005HA 12
      VN: 0350

      @mops The Powermanagement.bundle goes into /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/ (you could Google for it to find stuff like that out, nofi :)

    100. Your Pack didnt work with my Battery :-(
      and the shutdown problem is still there...

      here my EEE Facts:

      MB Rev: 1005HA 24
      VN: 8624
      Core/Bios Version: 0703
      Build Date: 07/24/09
      EC Firmaware: EPCD-021

    101. 1005HAB-BLU001X (tis blue :)
      MB REV 1005HAB 12
      VN: 1640
      Bios: 0703, it wont let me upgrade to 0801 for some reason.
      and a fully working 1.3mp cam (not the .03)

      i know theres 3 types of batteries, different camera manufacturers that either work, work badly, or dont work at all, there are different motherboards and whether or not you have bluetooth.

      if these where acer aspire ones the hardware wouldnt vary so much. we would also have working 1000mbit realtek ethernet cards rather than not working 100mbit atheros cards. and im really hoping the ar9285 drivers will be fixed soon cause im not cracking this thing open.

    102. norckon - so just to recap, ur setup is for 10.5.8? so thats v1.6 ideneb right? going to try your setup since you have the same rev motherboard... but then again jack of clubs does to and it sounds like his is working....

      this is puzzling...

    103. norckon - also what did you check to install in the ideneb dvd? the same as what was written on this post on the top?

    104. This comment has been removed by the author.

    105. I've found a crazy workaround for Photo Booth. As soon as the application starts up click somewhere else so the application looses focus, the webcam light should switch off. Now wait a couple of seconds and click on the Photo Booth window and everything is fine.

      Must be a timing issue in a driver somewhere.

    106. reinstalled from 1.6/10.5.8...

      sound = yes
      sleep = no
      battery = icon disappeared (and i tried to bring it back from the 'energy savings' in 'settings')

      anyone know why my battery icon disappeared?

    107. norckon, i did use your package files and got everything up and running, using sleepenabler and keeping disabler.kext. But something happended, and sleep is not working right anymore (did not do anything). So now it goes to sleep, but if i try to wake it, screen is totally black, but other lights are on. And i tried increasing brightness and everything, i think its stuck, so i have to do a hard reboot every time i try!

      Any idea?

    108. @jaja Yes, I'm using iDeneb 1.6 Light Edition. During install, you don't have to install any extensions for ACPI, network, PS2, etc since they're all in my pack. The items in JoQs guide would be enough.

      @JoQ I noticed this a few times too and found out pressing the silver trackpad-disable button at the top left wakes everything up (probably because it triggers an ACPI event, could be mistaken as the powerbutton due to some part of the DSDT). Sometimes I have to press it, hear the HD spin up and press it again after 1-2 sec to wake the screen. Give it a try :)

    109. i hope i don't have to uninstall everything again.... i installed the following on 1.6 light

      1. firewire
      2. ICHx fix
      3. GMA950

      i figure we need the firewire removal right? and GMA950 should be overwritten.... so my question is the ICH thing.... thats for the southbridge chipset correct? any advice or should i just do a clean install (again...)

    110. This has been so helpful. You are my hero!

    111. arrgh... it won't shut down...

      not sure exactly what i did...any ideas?

      was playing around with the power.bundle thing..

    112. norckon, great, but not working for me, it wont even wake it up when i press it.
      I guess i have to do some research, its kind of important to have sleep ;)

    113. OMG network success!!!

      followed these instructions for a usb wifi thing i had at the office, and i saw the internet on my EEE for the first time!

      LINKSYS WUSB54G v4

      (for whatever reason i can't paste the link here.... its on and do a search for WUSB54G)

    114. wifi card came in, wifi works great!

      problems that remain

      1. won't completely shutdown
      2. won't sleep... screen goes black, hd/fan/etc still on
      3. battery (sorta sucks when u don't know how much time is left LOL)

    115. This guide went pretty well for me. Everything works except dual-displays. I need that to work so will keep plodding along. Has anyone else had issues?

      Otherwise, here is what I did and how I managed to make it work. I lost keyboard and mouse at step 5. I just rebooted again with my usb flash drive with redirect to my harddrive (rd=disk0s1 -v -f) and followed the trackpad part (steps 14-17) next, skipping the video. Upon rebooting I was in business and finished missed and remaining steps.

    116. Never select mirroring. If you do, you can't turn it off. I had to download a little program called MirrorDisplays to recover from that little 4 hour mistake. Now everything is working perfectly (I even bought a USB wifi). Thanks for the guide!

    117. Yeah, dont ever try mirroring, extended display works just great! But not mirroring with these drivers. So just move the topbar to the screen you want instead.

    118. Hi again. I just could not get the battery or sleep to work using this method. I have managed to get Snow Leopard running. I have not had time to explore to much yet but the battery and sleep works. The sound is bit flaky, but apart from that it looks pretty good.

      If your interested, I used the guide posted at Note that netbookinstaller WILL CRASH if run on Snow Leopard, so you need a working Leopard install. I would love some help fine tuning the system.

    119. norckon do you think you canput you zip file in an easyer plce to get my web browser cant find it and i have it all type the way you have it

    120. Hi, I have 1008ha and I followed your instructions installing the ideneb 1.4. I can boot osx from the memory stick but when booting from hd I get "still waiting for root device". I am getting frustrated not being able to repair this, would you know anything that would help. I have installed osx on disk0s6, disk0s1 is windows 7, and the partitions in between are linux stuff.

    121. Big thanks!

      I am almost there now . . . .

      Question: in my installation, the "windows" key acts as the "apple" key and the "alt" key acts as the "option" key. Do you know how I can switch those?

    122. theres no such thing as disk0s6. youre only able to have 4 primary partitions. if you think youre on a 6th one then youre on a type of logical partition and your root can only be primary.

    123. oops - never mind, switching it works just fine in the System Prefs . . . .

    124. I installed osx again, this time to disk0s2 but I am still getting the "still waiting for root device".

    125. After Video step, resolution is fixed but screen is messed up - can only see cursor and white of taskbar. On a 1005HA w/ 703 bios. Have tried multiple times with slight variations. For those of you having trouble booting after 10.5.6 install, make sure the primary partition is formatted to MBR, NOT GUID.

      Any of the greybeards have insight into the video issue? I've gotten all the way to 10.5.8 missing only 1024x600 resolution, and I'd really like to start playing with my netbook :)

    126. Congratulations for this guide¡¡¡
      I can´t not install the Leopard on my 1005HA. Afther installed, I tried to boot but I only see the apple logo whith the spinning... and don´t boot.

      ¿Maybe the version of the bios?
      ¿Which version you have?


    127. More details of my case:
      My bios version is 905.
      And when I boot in verbose mode (-v) my 1005 freeze in this line : "...buffer headers and 4096 cluster io buffer headers..."


      HELP Please¡¡
      Thanks in advance.

    128. clearly you arent reading the guide. go back and do it again.

    129. Hey, Thanks for a painless install! Everything works great! Is sleep supposed to idle the CPU because mine just seems to turn off the screen, i can still hear light fan use.

    130. sleep isnt working for most everyone. i havent bothered to look up why. it was working with the other guide.

    131. Can you install os x on the partition which was already created (D:) and keep XP. I'd like to have a dual boot with both XP and os x. Is that possible

    132. Yup that's possible, just instead of installing everything to disk0s1, install to disk0s2. Make sure you format the disk0s2 as a mac os extended (journaled), and follow the same steps here, everywhere you see disk0s1 in this guide replace it with disk0s2. That should take care of it.

    133. I have already downloaded iAtkos and noticed the difference in size to iDeneb. Is there a big difference between the two? I also would like to have a dual boot with xp, but am scared that once I install iAtkos/iDeneb I won't be able to access XP. Am I just worrynig to much here?

    134. Have a look at this

    135. Jebraldo. It doesn't mention disk0s1 or disk0s2 during the installation. Only after.

    136. For steps 4 and 5 of the installation:
      4. Follow the wizard, until you need to select drive, open up Disk Utility and format *the drive* to ”Mac OS Extended (journaled)”
      5. Quit Disk Utility and select *the drive*, continue.

      Everywhere i put *the drive* replace with disk0s2. When selecting which drive to format in Disk Utility select disk0s2. I think the 1005ha comes with 4 partitions (disk0s1, disk0s2, disk0s3, and disk0s4) disk0s1 is your Windows partition and the rest are free to do what ever. Once you format disk0s2, use that disk for the rest of your install.

    137. Hello, I followed your guide and everything works except the battery after the stop sign X and the cursor freezes, what can I do please!


    138. Thanks Jebraldo. Just wanted to make sure cause this is my only computer at the moment. Plus I didn't want to stuff up the other partitions especially the recovery one and xp. Thanks again.

    139. can you create image of Mac OS hard drive in Acronis True Image 9 or higher and send me via torrent?

    140. Hi I can confirm an absolutely perfect installation on my 1005ha. Everything is working but ethernet (solved with an usb adapter). For those who are having problems with the first boot. Just be patient it takes several minutes begfore you can see the desktop. After installing Netbookinstaller everythig get solved. Good luck!

    141. Thanks! If you can write me please, what bois you install?

    142. Can you update leopard to snow leopard?

    143. Hi, I did a fresh SL intall with the retail DVD (no previous Leopard installed before). The bios was not a problem, I just used the version (0601) which my 1005ha was shipped.

    144. This guide doesn't work. I've tried for hours if not days, and always have "using 5242 buffer header..." even with the so-called acpi-fix (kernel panic), rd=diskXsX, cpus=1. This is on 1005HA, os 10.5.4, 10.5.6 and ideneb 1.4 with bios 0905 or 0703.

      On the contrario, Snow leopard boot flawlessly and accept 10.6.1 update without problem but is useless because no video, audio, network...

      Going back to win7 with slic bios, OS X sucks too much like other proprietary locked Apple crap.

    145. I believe the I followed the instructions correctly, however, when I get to step 3 nothing happens...

      I just get an infinitely blinking cursor. I restored the iDeneb .iso file to a single partitioned USB thumb drive formatted to Mac OSX Journalled / MBR as per the instructions. The only other files on the drive are in the 1005ha folder downloaded from this site.

      It's 0130 here, and I'm out of ideas. Maybe I missed something simple in my sleepy-geek haze?

      Any help would be much appreciated!

    146. Hey guys I am trying to install from usb, but don't have access to a mac. I tried using ddmac, but that didn't work. I get the following message when I boot from the usb:


      Any help would be appreciated. I have spend days researching this. This site seems to be the only one that provides proper help.

      Btw I've got a 1005Ha-H, latest bios and am using iDeneb 1.4. And am also running windows xp, which I also want to keep.

    147. Worked for me.. Pain in the butt but worked.

    148. I got the 5242 buffer problem. I did everything exactly as you said. Anyway I typed "-v -f cpus=1 busratio=20". This time it got me further, but stopped again at "Apple Decrypt: Starting..."

      I'm really getting sick of this. I have spent weeks getting this to work. As soon as I make progress, something else comes up. By the way I am not complaning about your explanation. It's probably one of the best out there.

    149. trust me on this, you need to reread the guide. you dont have some magically completely different version of the 1005ha that no one else has. you can do it man!

    150. You say that I have to install the ACPI fix. But you install it after you have booted into mac os. I get the error before I boot into it. You don't mention installing it during the INSTALLATION. Anyway, i did try installing some ACPIxxx fix in the customize section, but that didn't do anything.

    151. I know that I don't have a completely different version of the 1005ha, but i don't know what the hell i'm doing wrong. I just installed it for the 5th or 6th time doing exactly what you said man. Is there any other way I can boot into it. Or should I just install everything, all patches etc and see what happens.

    152. look at #1 under post install.

      "1. The system cant boot by itself yet, so keep the bootable media in. Press F8 and type: "rd=disk0s1 -v -f" and hit return"

      you use the cd to boot in for the first time. it already has the acpi fix so it can boot. it also has the dsdt patched so you dont need cpus=1 and the patched dsdt readable chameleon, all which you will install on youre hd inline with the guide.

      once youre in you can install the acpi fix so you dont need the cd to boot into youre os x installation anymore.

      im telling you guys, read the guide carefully. its there! :)

    153. I'm not using the dvd. I'm using the usb option. Do you thing it has anything to do with that?

    154. I'm pretty sure I did exactly what the guide tells me to do. I've installed it a few times by now. I'm going mental here man *_+

    155. How do I install windows again. I keep failing with this installation... PLEASE HELP..

    156. I everybody, and thanks to JoQ in particular for the precise how-to :)
      I'm actually stuck at a really early stage, like "Anonymous" on oct. 9, 2009 2:05. I made changes in the BIOS setup of the eeePC for disabling Boot Booster, arriving on the "Escape" menu and choosing USB boot but with no avail : iDeneb won't load, the cursor staying in a blinking state without any line of info. On the USB side it's a vanilla USB key of 8Gio with iDeneb 1.4 on it. I tried with partitionning the key in four different fashions: FAT32 as well as HFS+ and with GUID or MBR and installing PC_EFI v8 or v9 by netkas via OSX86_Tools.
      Did anyone had such an issue or has any clue ?

    157. I was wondering, how do i reinstall iDeneb? I get the buffer 5424 error.. You said to reinstall, but I can't seem to boot from my DVD drive. how do i do this?

    158. hi.
      your guide says:
      The system cant boot by itself yet, so keep the bootable media in. Press F8 and type: ”rd=disk0s1 -v -f” and hit return.
      After a while it should booted into OSX, first you have to fill out the wizard.

      Could you please clarify how i do this.
      Exactly when should i press F8?
      Should i press esc and choose to boot from the dvd-drive, and then hit f8 after that or what?

    159. Also number 6:
      Press Customize and select ICHx Fixed, FireWire Remove, GMA950 under Video/Intel/ and select Kext Helper, OSx86Tools.

      Where is Kext Helper and OSx86Tools located? I can´t find them:(

    160. Can create booting Mac OS on Flash-drive in Windows? I don't have Mac

    161. to do the first step under post install you need to boot to what you used to install. usb drive, dvd it doesnt matter. use esc at the very beginning to get a boot menu. pres f8 when you see chameleon 1.0.11. if you see 1.0.12 youre booting to the hard drive and will get a buffer error. reboot to your install medium and then continue the guide.

      and no you can not use a flash drive to install os x if you dont have a mac already. youll have to find a dvd player, or sneak into an apple store and install pcefi to the drive. or something.

    162. Resolution is perfect when i start it up after the first reboot. Do i need to do 8-12 then?
      Or should I do 9-11?
      Or should I just leave them out...

    163. Hey guys finally got it to work. Here are some questions to some of your answers.

      1.Bootable usb using xp:
      You would use the leopard install helper. However it doesnt work for iDeneb v1.4. You have to get another file and extract it to c:. It's called "chameleon_2.0RC1_r431_bootiso.rar". Just google it and you will get a very clear explanation from insanelymac.

      2.Regarding the "using Buffer 5...." Problem:
      This is how I fixed it (keep in mind I did us the usb option and keept xp on disk0s1 and installed Mac on disk0s2). Start your computer. A screen will come up that has a countdown. Press any key before it counts down. Now you will get to the mac boot. Do not enter the "rd=disk...." here. You HAVE TO BOOT the USB/DVD again. Select the disk where Xp is running. Now select the chameleon boot under the winXP boot and press F8 when asked. Now you will see your xp and your mac partitions and the other ones. Go to the iDeneb one which is on the far right but DON'T select it. Now enter the "rd=disk...."
      Well this is how I got mine to work, which might not apply to you. Just keep in mind that you have to use the usb/dvd to boot.

    164. I mean answers to your questions. :)

    165. The Jack of Clubs. Just read your post. You can actually install it from a usb. I did it yesterday. And explained it above. It's a pain in the butt though.

    166. Thx a lot for the guide!
      Btw i have asus 1005ha and everything is ok,except screen res and on battery is always x.
      Im thinking that im doing something wrong at the part with,anyone can post a screenshot how it should look like with EFI string added?
      Srry for my bad english and thx! ;)

    167. ANd this link actuallu makes you download iDeneb v1.6 10.5.8...

    168. Sorry JOQ,
      but your guide didn't work for me. I could only get the sound to work. I used the 1000He installation package and everything is working except the battery and sleep is kind of crap. When I wake I can't open any folders with the trackpad click and it flickers sometimes and makes strange noises.

      Does anyone know if you can uninstall the 10.5.7 and 10.5.8 updates if they cause you problems? Don't wanna find out the hard way. I've had to play around with this for weeks now. If I knew it was gonna be so much trouble I wouldn't have tried. But since I started I had to finish it. Lets hope a kext for the wifi or even the ethernet comes out.

    169. How do you get the blue keys to work?

    170. this guide is for the 1005ha not the 1000he. it might closely work but you may have problems.

      frankenstein, use spark.

    171. I think a lot of you guys need to read the guide carefully, and follw it ste-by-step.

      I had a problem with this the first time I tried it out, however, I printed this page and used it as a checklist the second time and it worked perfectly.

      My problem booting from a USB stick drive was solved by using PC EFI 9, rather than PC EFI 8 which is first cited in the linked guide.

    172. P.S. Thanks so much! A miniature macbook for $350 is pretty hard to beat. This guide is fantastic! But if only Apple was smart enough to release a netbook, we wouldn't need to go to such lengths...

    173. thamk for the guied is great..but i have this problem: when i install the graphic kext and i rebot the monitor just display blue... any hint?
      thank you very much

    174. I tried your guide, but it didn't work.
      Mouse and key board don't work after the
      first kext install. Then I get the blue
      screen after installing graphics (same
      problems everyone else is having.

      I only managed to get sound to work. Now
      I am not computer illiterate and tried it
      a few times and got exactly the same problems.

      However I did get everything to work (including
      sleep when you close the lid) except the battery,
      which doesn't show at all and of course wifi/ether.

      I used a combination of the kexts provided on the
      other 1000He/1005Ha guides till I got it working.
      However I didn't follow those guides exactly.

      Which kext is responsible for the battery on your
      guide? I tried the ACPIBattery and the VoodooBattery
      ones from the other guides, but got nowhere. I've got
      no idea what I am really doing, I'm just using trial
      and error till it works.

    175. Anyone know how to fix the time problem when
      you have a dual boot with xp? I'm guessing
      it must be a bios problem.

    176. hey norckon
      it looks like you've managed to get the farthest in this uphill struggle..

      can you post a clean guide that includes your contributions (files) so the rest of us dummies don't have to go looking through different places?

      it would be absolutely lovely :DD
      and muchly appreciated!!

    177. @ youcan do it
      sorry i can you do it the graphics stuff?
      did you download a specific package with other kext?
      i have your same problem
      thank you

    178. Ok this is the 3rd time I am writing this damn post.

      Go to this link:

      Download (it's pretty big)

      Follow step 3 & 4 on this guide (important).

      Then just follow the steps on the other guide on how to
      install the files you downloaded.

      However do not install the ideneb.mac0sx86updcombo10.5.6 and
      don't bother upgrading to 10.5.7 you don't need to.
      If you do I can't guarantee that it will work.

      If you wanna experiment around, you can use the OSx86Tools to
      back up your original kexts. And if you change something and can't
      boot up just use the dvd/usb to boot and restore the kexts using
      the OSx86Tools or delete the one you installed.

    179. i did some research and found out why some of us are having problems with the battery meter, sleep, and shutdown.
      the 1005HAs have a 6 cell battery making the voltage compatible with the kexts and fixer packages.
      the 1005HABs have a 3 cell battery and are incompatible with the software to run them. im gonna order a 6cell battery to see if it fixes the problem.

    180. Hey Evan I've got a six cell. The battery meter doesn't work. I would still recommend getting one though. I never have to plug in mine when I use it at uni (it can actually really run for 7-8 hours if you use the internet, word, and listen to music at the same time).

      Someone asked about the time problem when you have a dual boot with xp. This is how I fixed it:
      1. Set the xp time.
      2. Restart and boot into mac.
      3. You'll notice that the time has changed. If you look closely you'll notice that only the hours have changed and not the minutes.
      4. Now instead of changing the time, change the time zone. eg. I live in sydney AUS. That's the time zone I set xp to. In mac however my time zone is portugal.
      5. Make sure you pick a time zone that also takes into account am/pm.

      And that's pretty much it. The time won't change again. Let me know if it works for you guy as well.

    181. Hi, first of great guide...

      I now have a 1005HA running 10.5.8...
      However... I as many other still have these powerbased issues, Battery, sleep and poweroff.
      I didn't get this to work with 10.5.6 either so I saw no reason to stay with 10.5.6 and upgraded.

      But... is there still some one working on a solution? Or shuld I just live with it until I get it working with 10.6?

    182. For anyone that doesn't get graphics, power-off and sleep working, try the kexts on this guide.

    183. I have a 1005HAB and worked through this install without a glitch... except, the battery indicator and poweroff doesn't work.

      Anybody out there get the battery meter and poweroff to work on a 1005HAB?

    184. OHH Crap I meant try the kexts on this guide:

    185. YouCanDoIt, thanks for the link. It is painful to download the multi-gig, multi-part rars from the link they provide, but I am slowing getting them.

      Does anybody have a set of working kexts for the 1005HAB? That would be a big help (the ones you suggest are for the HE and I have a suspicion that it won't work).

    186. Tedster

      I have the 1005HA-H and everything is working on mine except the battery and wifi/ethernet of course.

      see the guide i wrote on October 18, 2009 5:24 PM
      above. (That's where I explain what to install from the 1000He guide) Can't promise you that it will work, but it worked on mine. This guide didn't. (don't know why since we all have the same computer)

    187. Thanks, YouCanDoIt. I think the issue with the battery is related to the DSDT and I have been looking at compiling a new one. I need the specs on the 3 cell battery in this 1005HAB first. If I make any headway, I will report back.

    188. Hello All:

      (a) Anyone has installed MacOS X using above guide (THANKS!) ... a n d then added a Windows XP install using Mac's "Boot Camp Assistant" (in Utilities). Is that at all possible? If so, can the Windows CD be used that comes with the ASUS 1005 HA ? (I did not yet buy the ASUS.)

      (b) So, Ethernet does not work ... then that means you can't connect a DSL cable to the ASUS -- yes, I understand that correct? It would work with an Airport Express networks, for example?


    189. Frank

      Next time before you post something on a blog read the previous posts. Since those questions have been answered before.

      a) yes, when you get your 1005 you'll have xp on it and another partition (disk0s2)(actually you'll have 4 in total, but don't worry about the other 2) which you can format using diskUtility and install os x.

      b)No one can get the internet to work. Which means no ethernet and no wifi for now anyway.

    190. Thanks for this great guide but i am stuck at step 12 once i reboot it. Once it is rebooted it goes through the startup and then gets to the apple logo on the grey screen and locks up, occasionally it will go to a blue screen but it still locks up.

      Back at step 7 where you say to check hyperthreading, sleep and the battery meter to see if they work, neither of them appear to be working. Is there something that i have missed along the way to make this occur and could this have something to do with it freexing up after step 12?


    191. Anonymous

      Had the same problem. Apparently this guide doesn't work for everyone. This is how I got mine to work. See my post on October 18, 2009 5:24 PM.

    192. Hi again:

      Okay, in that case, please correct me if I am misunderstanding, we would end up with a netbook without any Internet (when booting under MacOS)?

      So all this is until now really just a kind of experiment -- given that the main purpose for a netbook is to use it during travel to use the Internet (for most people, at least)?


    193. What do you do if you check the battery monitor and sleep and they don't work? (Step 7 Post Install)

    194. Stop asking such stupid questions. Just read the previous posts. No one here is your personal adviser. Only questions that no one else has answered before will be answered here.


    195. got uptil step 12 and now all i have is a blue screen any ideas? also what will i need to do to get wifi fully working?

    196. I'm doing it wrong!
      Please help. I just can't figure it out. I'm trying to boot after installing ideneb v1.4 from a usb DVD. I have been using this guide, and get stuck at #6 : Press Customize and select ICHx Fixed, FireWire Remove, GMA950 under Video/Intel/ and select Kext Helper, OSx86Tools

      These options were not there so I went ahead and finished the install. I then try to boot with f8 and rn=disk0s2 -v -f" (in the disk utility my partition is shows up under the HDD as disk0s2)

      It then goes to the install again & not the wizard over & over.

      Thanks in advance!! 5 days of reading and patience, no avail, just nooBness. -Andy

    197. Andy

      Are you saying that you didn't do step 6. If so you have to install it again. Erasing and formating disk0s2 etc. When you get to the screen that says install, don't click on install. On the left there is a button you can click on that says customize. Come on man use your brain a little bit. It's not rocket science.

      After you have installed it, you have to get acces to the dvd. I don't know how it looks like on your computer since I used a usb to install mine (I think you have to press Esc as soon as you turn on your pc, try it a few times sometimes it doesn't work). Anyway you have to get to the screen that counts down (not literaly, but there is a bar that gets smaller) and says press F8 for avanced options I think. Not the "boot command line". Just make sure you press F8. Now you will get to another screen that lists all your partitions. Select the iDeneb one but don't click on it. Just go over it. Now enter rd=disk0s2 -v -f. (not rv=disk....).

      You can use this method to boot into it all the time in case you stuff up something with kext files.

      Regarding the kexts files, for some people they haven't been working (including myself). Go to the post I wrote on October 18, 2009 5:24 PM for another way to get it working.

      This should get it working man. Let me know if it works, but please don't ask any stupid questions (like you don't have the customize option). And make sure you read the previous posts before you ask a question.

    198. Thanks for the help. What I meant is that I have opened the customize button, but the options:
      (select ICHx Fixed, FireWire Remove, GMA950 under Video/Intel/ and select Kext Helper, OSx86Tools)are not in there. I just erased and reformated and will try again.

    199. I don't know how it looks exactly from memory. But they are there. I remember when I did it the first time, I was kind of lost as well. Just open all the sections and go through them individually.

    200. Thanks!! Success after wipe HDD & re-install